Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Full Docket - And Car

Tomorrow after classes I'm leaving for the Cru/Nav retreat in the woods near Canton somewhere. That should be fun and uplifting hopefully. It's interesting, because my parents are going away, and the entire rest of the family with them tomorrow - bound for stove deliveries in Virginia. So it appears that when I return, I may have the Inn to myself for a while... which will be interesting.

Nav's was interesting this evening, as our worship band, which doubled in size from last week, was expecting me to play guitar, and I had no idea, so I ended up playing somebody else's guitar with no practice whatsoever. I just sorta hung loose though, and their were no major train wrecks. In fact, it actually went quite well. We had Billy on djembe, Patrick on Bass, myself on acoustic guitar, and Abby leading on the Piano, which she is getting very good at, by the way.

Then, an older gentlemen gave the sermon. His name was Dr. Heck, I think, nobody really pronounced it clearly. He talked on the subject of Gods covenants, and unfulfilled prophecy, bringing in a lot about Israel, and Iran, and that whole situation, which I hadn't heard anything about in some time. It was good to think about again, and, according to Dr. Heck, something big may be just around the corner, from what he knows from Israeli news and intelligence sources. He has been to Israel and surrounding countries several times and knows a lot about it. That's where I would like to go. I wanted to this year... but I never really worked up the guts.

I learned that he had once been a professor at Mansfield before he became a pastor, so afterwords I asked him if he had known my granddad, Dr. Tom Prutsman. It turns out he had, and he actually knows both sets of my Grandparents very well. He went to Israel with my Wilber Grandparents, and helped my Mom and Dad set up Campus Crusade at Mansfield, the very organization that I'm now, somewhat affiliated. So that was a pleasant revelation.

My car is very loaded down, because Mr. P asked for his PA system back yesterday. He finally tracked it down to me (The Key of H had borrowed it, and left it in the E's barn, then, PJ and the Sov Grave worship team brought it to my house to use it to rehearse for playing at the community fair, which was the week before we left the Church, and one of the last events I participated in. It ended up getting left here at the Inn, and then when we moved up, it had to go to our barn, which is at least much nicer that the E's. So yeah, for something that weighs over a hundred pounds and consists of several large parts, it certainly manages to get around). So anyhow, he asked for it back, and said he would come and get it. I go down to Mansfield everyday though, obviously though, so I volunteered to bring it myself. I didn't realize that he meant immediately though. But apparently the Robert's need it for some kind of old folks ministry or something... maybe they are really, really hard of hearing.... this morning, Ben P. gives me a call on behalf of his Dad "reminding" me to bring the system tomorrow. So now I have to pack all of my stuff and equipment for the retreat along with it... which is why my car is full. 

So I have a lot that I want to accomplish (at least a lot for me) this weekend. I do school tomorrow. Possibly get another tutoring session in if we learn anything hard in Micro computers. I drop the PA system of at the office. I leave right from classes with the Nav's for the retreat, and may take some people in my car if they need. So I stay there over night and for most of Saturday, have a great time, God willing. Then leave and go right back to Mansfield, to see Handel's Messiah at 7:30 in Steadmen Theater, which I need to go to to fulfill to cultural requirement for my UNV class (I still have no idea how I am going to get the athletic one, as, as far as I know, there are no athletic events taking place on campus). Then I go home, and am all alone, and then, I'll probably drive up to Corning and go to Church with our normal group.
So that's the plan, tentatively. I'll post again to let you know how it works out, and if I actually do half of what I need/want to. 

God bless,

- Andrew Wilber


Anonymous said...

The floating world eh?

Andrew said...

Indeed. It was the name of a place in Medieval Japan, the book The Revenge of the Forty-Seven Samurai, which was a pretty good book, by the way.