Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Black Holes and Revelations

If you read my last post, you know I said last week was pretty calm. Well, that was apparently just "the deep breath before the plunge", to quote Gandalf. 

It all started this Monday, when, out of the blue, my Micro Computer teacher asked me to start tutoring for the class. I was hesitant, and said I didn't think I was that much of an expert at it. She however said it was only for one student, and that I could "figure it out" and I would get paid somehow, so I said yes, so now I may be becoming a tutor. For Micro-Computers, of all things! Who knew? So I find out what all that may entail tomorrow. 

I also have to big tests this week, one in Biology, tomorrow, and the other in Micro-Computers. So I'm supposed to be studying for that, and meanwhile, I find out that it's already time to register for the fall semester, and I should have yesterday, and as of last night, most of the classes that I had needed to take were almost filled up. But before I could register, I had to talk to my advisor and get his approval. So today, after bio lab, I went over and even though it wasn't during his office hours, he was there and invited me in. So I began asking him about it, and he thought it looked ok, so I started asking him about Anthropology courses I could take from him (he is the main Anthropology Professor in the department) and as it turns out, he is leaving! Leaving!!! So that's a twist in the plot, because he was the only real Anthropology person on the faculty. And I'm and Anthropology major. And he's leaving! He made it sound like there would be a new guy coming on, but I don't know anything about him, and if he will be a dedicated Anthro person, or just another Sociology person (the two departments are together there, which is somewhat annoying). On top of that he wasn't completely sure about my schedule for next semester, so he wanted me to have one of the Soc professors look it over before he signed it. None of them were available at the time however, which means I can't possibly get it done till tomorrow... and meanwhile, all the courses I needed to register for are probably going to be booked till kingdom come.... And I have to find a new advisor now! 

But that's life I suppose... black holes and revelations, as Muse put it.

Speaking of such, my Dad and some other ex-Sovereign-Grace-Church-Advisors are having a big, huge, fateful meeting tonight with the current people control the Church, who had kicked them out so to speak, and they were going to be permanently removed but they found this loop-hole in the constitution or bylaws, or something of a legal nature could allow them back into the church government, and now Sovereign Grace is sending this high-up dude out to sit in on the meeting too. But it's all to complicated for me to explain here. 
Not to mention confidential. I could probably get in trouble with a lot of people like the University and Church, and likely as not others as well if anybody read half of what I'd just written here, as none of it is really publicly announced yet, but that would only be a problem if anyone actually read this, which I have a fair amount of confidence won't happen... but if you do read this, and I suddenly get expelled, or shunned, or more likely still, die in a suspicious accident, or apparent suicide, you alone, my reader, will know what really happened....

Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations

- Andrew Wilber     


Anonymous said...

oh dear. still praying for you.


overthinker said...

i wont tell anybody what i read here, so if you do disappear, it won't be my fault.
loose lips sink ships, after all...

alright so my attempt at being lighthearted failed. keep your chin up!

Andrew said...

lol, I think it worked fine.

mattea kiriel said...

you should make your font just a tad bit darker because its rather hard to read =)