Sunday, April 27, 2008

Firefly, Firefight, Fireflight

Last night I went to a Fireflight concert at a Church in Mansfield. I had never heard them before other than watching their music videos at my friends house, and honestly they aren't really my style of music, but that said, they were very good and I had a good time. There weren't that many people there unfortunately (less than a hundred probably), and it felt almost like a private concert or something. The good thing was I was to get up really close, which was fun. They were really cool too. After the show they all came down to autograph things and I bought an album and had them sign it, and I ended up talking to their bassist a little and she was really nice.

This Morning we had Church at the Cornfields and did worship acapella because none of our mus had been able to plan for anything else but that was cool. We did a study... or discussion really, out of Acts, on the subject of Stephen's Sermon and consequent stoning. That was interesting.

That's about all I can think of... other than I got new strings on my bass. They are smooth-wound which gives them a slightly mellower tone with less fret noise (not to mention they are a bit easier on the fingers) I bought some new strings for my acoustic guitar and put them on myself. They are elixirs, phosphor-bronze wound, which is the same kind I usually get, only these are supposed to last longer - and the better - as they were about five dollars more expensive. So new strings make me kind of happy since I play so much.

- Andrew

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wrongly Convicted - The Cops Raid My UNV Class

Today I had a highly unusual experience. It was the last evening that my UNV met class, and everyone was exited. But an event transpired that soon overshadowed the fact that we were wrapping it up. It started before that though.

This morning I went down to the poles at the middle school to vote in the PA primaries with my parents. We voted for Obama. We are Democrats now, by the way. We come from and extremely staunch group of Republicans, but we decided that since our vote wasn't going to matter for anything as Republicans, and we are not particularly fond of McCain, and we rather like Obama and definitely don't like Hillary, the best thing to do would be to change our party affiliations and vote for Obama. This caused quite a little stir among all the older ladies who run the poles, as everyone around here knows everyone else, and they all know we have been Reps. Now technically they aren't supposed to tell anyone what party we are, but they certainly said the "D" (denoting Democrat) at the end of our voter codes very loudly, and with a certain inflexion for the benefit of everyone else in the room, that probably wasn't necessary even if some were slightly def. My Mom and Dad and I couldn't stop laughing about this after we got back in our car. So that was my first time voting. If you ever asked me a year ago I would never have guessed that it would be as a Democrat for a liberal candidate... but ah... that's life.

I got back and was going to leave for Mansfield, but my car battery was dead, I had the key to far forward, and it ran it down, which I am mad at myself about, because it's the second time this week, which is really stupid. I got a jumper cable though and my Grandpa (he's always saving the day it seems... I wonder if it has something to do with that he's a Vet of the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and has become good at saving the day) brought up his truck and gave my Audi a charge.

So I got off on time. The reason I was leaving early, which I usually would not on a Thursday, was that I wanted to attend a speech by Anthony Michael Green, who was a man from Ohio who was imprisoned for 13 years on false charges and later exonerated on DNA evidence through The Innocence Project. I got there on time, and it was an unbelievable story, and sad, and somewhat unsettling as you wonder how many other people like him must be out there still in the system. This was very ironic considering what happened later today.

I had lab this afternoon. I did terrible on the quiz on from last weeks material as there was a lot of Math and Math and Andrew Wilber go together like Genghis Kahn and literacy. I'm not to worried about my score though, because I got a 94 on my last test, so I hopefully I should get at least a B+. It was fun after that, because we got to go out in the woods (a cool thing about Mansfield is that much of the campus is basically woods) and bring back as many species of plant and animal as we could catch (which mostly ended up being insects, obviously) and classify them.

After that I went to Kersten's dorm with my guitar and played Celtic music with her and some of her friends. It was really fun. I can't say I have ever played that style with anyone else, but I really enjoyed it. Then I went to my UNV class... and that was where the real insanity began.

There is this guy in my class named Corey. He is, or was, an English Major, and was always very thoughtful, which would be ok, except that he was outspoken about all of his thoughts to the point that seldom a class would go by that he didn't end up enraging most of the other people in the room. Now, other than this, he seemed to me like an Ok guy, quite knowledgeable really. We all had to give presentations of community service projects that we designed. And our professor, Mr. Jenkins, had gone out of the room with a student to help her print out her notes. That's when it all started to happen. Police started walking around the hallways, and we could hear them questioning people and talking on their radios. There were four of them in the building, and they had cars barricading the campus entrances. We finally thought they were about the leave, but then one of them came into our room and asked us if we had seen a guy with a tweed jacket, sun glasses and a black leather briefcase. This description fit Cory perfectly, and he actually raised his hand and asked "Would that be me?". The cop who seemed slightly bemused at the person whom they had apparently prepared to arraigned forcefully now being one of the people to whom he had just asked the question, looked him up and down and said. "Your right, it would." And with that. They took him away. Now, as you can imagine everyone in the room started talking about him, and from what I said before, you should understand that many of them weren't all that fond of him before this happened. So there were a bunch of roomers going around. What I couldn't understand was why, if he was really guilty would he have admitted who he was when the police would have never noticed him. So I stayed silent.
Then, what took the cake was when Mr. Jenkins came back in. he looked very exited and and apparently been questioned be the cops and informed us all "There's a man hunt going on!" And then we all said: "They caught him." and he looked all around and out the window saying "Where?!" And people pointed to the empty seat in front of me where Cory had been sitting, at which point Mr. Jenkins just said "Wow, that's deep!" and sat down. He went and talked to the cops again a minute later and came back and told us something to the effect that Cory would never be back here again, and shouldn't have been admitted to the University in the first place and it was a wonder how he had been taking class for so long. So then, we started our presentations, which seemed rather awkward at this point. About half way through however, the cops came back, and Mr. Jenkins went out and talked to them again. He came back and informed us "Cory's OK, it was a misunderstanding. He's OK." And sure enough, he came back in, looking rather shaken, but there none the less. So that was that. And I we never found out anything more about it. But I will always remember the last day of my UNV class as the day we were raided by the Police.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Concerning the Weather and My Unconventional Social Life

It's been hot for the first time this year. I think it was up to 80 yesterday, and it's been in the 70's today. I love it. It makes me drowsy, but I still love it.

I think things are finally coming together with college. I got registered. My UNV requirements are met. I still have a community service project to design, but I know what it will be on and where I can get the information I need to finish it.

I had a little revelation yesterday when I learned that the guy I've been tutoring knows Mr. P at work and used to go to his Church. Mr. P had said something about him at the beginning of the semester, but I never made the connection until this past Thursday when we were working up in North Hall and he mentioned him.

I had my forth biology test yesterday, and I think it went very well. We've been studying evolution this past section. Ironically I don't believe in the theory of evolution (I don believe in the process of evolution, but that's another story), but I probably know more about it than most people do simply because in home-school I had to study it so much to see why it was not true.

I went to the spring fling (this party they throw every year on campus). Didn't do much though, just ate a burger and left. I also went bowling this week with people from Navs. Didn't do well though. I've started to see that I have a hard time getting along with people. I just can't relate to anyone my own age or sex. If I have any friends, they tend to be girls, and more often than not, adults who are much older than me. Seriously, in nearly all of my classes, they people I hang out with are always either girls, or much older than I am. I don't really know why, although I never have really had guy friends, so maybe I just don't relate to them or something. At any rate, I have a lot more friends now than I did before I started at Mansfield - even if there not people you would expect.

- Andrew

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Yesterday I received a very unpleasant surprise. If you recall, I was very relieved and thankful when I finally thought that I was registered for next years courses. Well I found out yesterday that I actually hadn't done it right on the web adviser program (which is one of the most confusing and unintuitive programs I have ever used, and that is saying something). So I had to go through all that again, and it's still not completely worked out, as one of the courses I wanted filled up while thought that I was registered, and I haven't been able to find a course to take in it's place. So I was really frustrated and stressed out, which typically turns into depression if they don't go away quickly... so I was feeling really down last night, and today I just feel drained, like I'm coming down with something.... It's just upsetting, it seemed like everything was finally getting under control, and I was making progress and doing things the way one is supposed to do them, and now this. So if you could pray for me, that would be great.     

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hallelujah Chorus's and Lousy Karaoke

Ok... I did just about everything. And then I did some more.

Friday: I did my classes. I got a very unhappy grade back from the hands on section of my micro-computers test. Fortunately I did Ok on the knowledge section, so the whole thing should be at least passing, but all the same, I don't need to go messing up my grade in that class. I dropped off Mr. P's PA system. Then I had Anthropology class canceled, because Dr. Molla was speaking at a big conference. But he gave us an assignment instead, to right a paper about art. That evening I ate supper with Kersten, Keren, and some other girls in Manser Cafeteria, which was only about the forth time I've eaten there (don't worry, I'm not missing out on much). Then we met up with the Navs and left for the retreat. That night we played Settlers of Catan (the guys did, and I won a game). And one of the girls brought a karaoke machine. That was fun, only I have such an ignorance of popular music that I could only listen most of the time. I got some really funny videos of other people though, that have not yet been released. Then we played four on a couch. Which was an extremely complicated game, and had everyone arguing in no time, at which point I took some more video, which has also not been released.... 

Saturday: woke up. A speaker came, but I left in the middle of the message to go back to Mansfield to see a track meet. Abby was there helping with the pole vaulting. I also met Tai and Ben and hung out with them, which was a big bonus. The real reason I was there however, was my UNV course. If you recall, I had to make that athletic event requirement... so now that is done. The I drove back to canton (it's a good 45 minute commute by the way, and by the end of it all, I had used half a tank of gas, and it costs me $52 to fill it up, which means I spent roughly $26 just on gas this weekend!). I got back just in time to hear the guy (I think his name was Harry) give another sermon about the evils of premarital sex (what else would you preach a sermon on the a group of college students? I can think of some things, but not many other people can, or so it seems). So yeah... anyhow... that late that afternoon I left with Kersten to go back to Mansfield yet again to see Handel's Messiah. I had never heard it before, and it was wonderful, although they have this odd way of saying everything about 27 times and turning one bible verse into a 4 minute long Aria. I thought the whole thing was positively world class though. But I really wouldn't know much about it. I went home and was alone, which was kind of strange, but nice in some ways. So bang! Two requirements for UNV met in one day! And I am caught up and done (with that assignment).

Sunday: This morning I went up to Corning and went to Church at the E's. Joe Simmons gave the message, and I was very pleasantly surprised. I had sort of dreaded it, as I new him to be rather radical on some issues, but he did a very, very good job. The discussion was on anger, and whether or not it is ever right to be angry. After that we are, and the Petersons made this really good Thai  Chicken. I ate with the adults and of course we talked about what we always talk about, which is Church politics and the latest revelations and even more pervasively black holes in that whole situation. Then, I was going to go home, but ended up going into Corning with everyone to play Ultimate with Jared's  cross country team. That was fun, although my team lost, I actually played (probably owing to the fact that Jared wasn't actually there). After that I went home, and my family just got back about two hours ago. So that's it, and now I'm spending all this time writing this down when it's late and I have reading two do and a quiz to take and a paper to polish up. But, in a couple years, this post will probably mean more to me than those things, so it's not two bad....

Hallelujah Chorus's and Lousy Karaoke, life is made of both. And that is my attempt at a profound thought, to late at night, when I should be doing other things....

God Bless!

- Andrew Wilber 

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Full Docket - And Car

Tomorrow after classes I'm leaving for the Cru/Nav retreat in the woods near Canton somewhere. That should be fun and uplifting hopefully. It's interesting, because my parents are going away, and the entire rest of the family with them tomorrow - bound for stove deliveries in Virginia. So it appears that when I return, I may have the Inn to myself for a while... which will be interesting.

Nav's was interesting this evening, as our worship band, which doubled in size from last week, was expecting me to play guitar, and I had no idea, so I ended up playing somebody else's guitar with no practice whatsoever. I just sorta hung loose though, and their were no major train wrecks. In fact, it actually went quite well. We had Billy on djembe, Patrick on Bass, myself on acoustic guitar, and Abby leading on the Piano, which she is getting very good at, by the way.

Then, an older gentlemen gave the sermon. His name was Dr. Heck, I think, nobody really pronounced it clearly. He talked on the subject of Gods covenants, and unfulfilled prophecy, bringing in a lot about Israel, and Iran, and that whole situation, which I hadn't heard anything about in some time. It was good to think about again, and, according to Dr. Heck, something big may be just around the corner, from what he knows from Israeli news and intelligence sources. He has been to Israel and surrounding countries several times and knows a lot about it. That's where I would like to go. I wanted to this year... but I never really worked up the guts.

I learned that he had once been a professor at Mansfield before he became a pastor, so afterwords I asked him if he had known my granddad, Dr. Tom Prutsman. It turns out he had, and he actually knows both sets of my Grandparents very well. He went to Israel with my Wilber Grandparents, and helped my Mom and Dad set up Campus Crusade at Mansfield, the very organization that I'm now, somewhat affiliated. So that was a pleasant revelation.

My car is very loaded down, because Mr. P asked for his PA system back yesterday. He finally tracked it down to me (The Key of H had borrowed it, and left it in the E's barn, then, PJ and the Sov Grave worship team brought it to my house to use it to rehearse for playing at the community fair, which was the week before we left the Church, and one of the last events I participated in. It ended up getting left here at the Inn, and then when we moved up, it had to go to our barn, which is at least much nicer that the E's. So yeah, for something that weighs over a hundred pounds and consists of several large parts, it certainly manages to get around). So anyhow, he asked for it back, and said he would come and get it. I go down to Mansfield everyday though, obviously though, so I volunteered to bring it myself. I didn't realize that he meant immediately though. But apparently the Robert's need it for some kind of old folks ministry or something... maybe they are really, really hard of hearing.... this morning, Ben P. gives me a call on behalf of his Dad "reminding" me to bring the system tomorrow. So now I have to pack all of my stuff and equipment for the retreat along with it... which is why my car is full. 

So I have a lot that I want to accomplish (at least a lot for me) this weekend. I do school tomorrow. Possibly get another tutoring session in if we learn anything hard in Micro computers. I drop the PA system of at the office. I leave right from classes with the Nav's for the retreat, and may take some people in my car if they need. So I stay there over night and for most of Saturday, have a great time, God willing. Then leave and go right back to Mansfield, to see Handel's Messiah at 7:30 in Steadmen Theater, which I need to go to to fulfill to cultural requirement for my UNV class (I still have no idea how I am going to get the athletic one, as, as far as I know, there are no athletic events taking place on campus). Then I go home, and am all alone, and then, I'll probably drive up to Corning and go to Church with our normal group.
So that's the plan, tentatively. I'll post again to let you know how it works out, and if I actually do half of what I need/want to. 

God bless,

- Andrew Wilber

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

On Natural Selection Among Mealworm Beetles

Ok, update, I did get registered, and I was able to get into the classes I wanted, less one, so thanks to those of you who prayed for me in that regard. 

I started tutoring, which went well, except that the second time I did it, the guy didn't show up, so that wasn't really cool....

I took the tests, the one for Biology went quite well; I got an 89, which was a big improvement from my last score, if not quite on par with my first 96. At any rate, I hope that a B+ is somewhat inevitable at this point, if not better after the extra credit I've done kicks in. 
My test in micro computers didn't go quite as well, for the whole class. I did alright on the knowledge section, but I don't the score for the hands on part, and I know that I completely skipped the last two steps in the process, as I ran out of time. If all the steps were equally weighted then I should be OK, but if, as I have some suspicion, they were worth more, then I could be in trouble.

For my UNV class I have all these student activities things that are just like, going to athletic or theater events, which you would just accomplish naturally if you lived on campus, but commuting for half an hour away, I would rather not do. So basically the clock is running out for that and I need to find some events I can go too. So, that is a little bit distressing at this point. I would be lousy if I got A's and B's in my other classes and then completely messed up in this ridiculous "First Year Lecture"

Below are some pictures I took in lab with my cell phone. We were doing an experiment with mealworm beetles. I'm actually not sure if they are called that because they are adult mealworms, or because they eat them. At any rate, it was rather complicated, more so than I really have energy to type right now, so here are the pictures:     

Above is testing their speed, we had twenty, and we had to do the test twice for each one, and then average the times, so it took a while. 
Below is measuring their length. There isn't a terrible amount of variance in meal worm length. The mode, in case you wondered, was 15 (mm)  

God bless,


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Black Holes and Revelations

If you read my last post, you know I said last week was pretty calm. Well, that was apparently just "the deep breath before the plunge", to quote Gandalf. 

It all started this Monday, when, out of the blue, my Micro Computer teacher asked me to start tutoring for the class. I was hesitant, and said I didn't think I was that much of an expert at it. She however said it was only for one student, and that I could "figure it out" and I would get paid somehow, so I said yes, so now I may be becoming a tutor. For Micro-Computers, of all things! Who knew? So I find out what all that may entail tomorrow. 

I also have to big tests this week, one in Biology, tomorrow, and the other in Micro-Computers. So I'm supposed to be studying for that, and meanwhile, I find out that it's already time to register for the fall semester, and I should have yesterday, and as of last night, most of the classes that I had needed to take were almost filled up. But before I could register, I had to talk to my advisor and get his approval. So today, after bio lab, I went over and even though it wasn't during his office hours, he was there and invited me in. So I began asking him about it, and he thought it looked ok, so I started asking him about Anthropology courses I could take from him (he is the main Anthropology Professor in the department) and as it turns out, he is leaving! Leaving!!! So that's a twist in the plot, because he was the only real Anthropology person on the faculty. And I'm and Anthropology major. And he's leaving! He made it sound like there would be a new guy coming on, but I don't know anything about him, and if he will be a dedicated Anthro person, or just another Sociology person (the two departments are together there, which is somewhat annoying). On top of that he wasn't completely sure about my schedule for next semester, so he wanted me to have one of the Soc professors look it over before he signed it. None of them were available at the time however, which means I can't possibly get it done till tomorrow... and meanwhile, all the courses I needed to register for are probably going to be booked till kingdom come.... And I have to find a new advisor now! 

But that's life I suppose... black holes and revelations, as Muse put it.

Speaking of such, my Dad and some other ex-Sovereign-Grace-Church-Advisors are having a big, huge, fateful meeting tonight with the current people control the Church, who had kicked them out so to speak, and they were going to be permanently removed but they found this loop-hole in the constitution or bylaws, or something of a legal nature could allow them back into the church government, and now Sovereign Grace is sending this high-up dude out to sit in on the meeting too. But it's all to complicated for me to explain here. 
Not to mention confidential. I could probably get in trouble with a lot of people like the University and Church, and likely as not others as well if anybody read half of what I'd just written here, as none of it is really publicly announced yet, but that would only be a problem if anyone actually read this, which I have a fair amount of confidence won't happen... but if you do read this, and I suddenly get expelled, or shunned, or more likely still, die in a suspicious accident, or apparent suicide, you alone, my reader, will know what really happened....

Our hopes and expectations
Black holes and revelations

- Andrew Wilber