Monday, March 31, 2008

My First Year Journal

For my UNV class I've been having to keep a journal of my first semester here. I'm posting it to my blog here for safe keeping, future reference, and, in the small possibility that anyone is interested in reading them.

March 24-28

Was a fairly uneventful week... no big tests, not major assignments. I got my scores back for Soc. I got an 82, which isn't the greatest I know, but was still quite high for the class. I was pleased with my score on the Micro-Computers assignment from before. It was in Word, and I got 29/30. So that was about all.

March 17-21

Week went well. I had a sociology test. It was harder and a lot longer than the first. I also don't think I studied as hard for it. But I talked to some other people - including another sociology major - and they agreed that it was harder too. Maybe not so much in the content, but it the way the questions were phrased. 

I didn't go to Navs this week because I THOUGHT, that I had three modules to read in Biology, but when I finished them and went to take the quiz on blackboard, it hadn't been posted. I did some looking around, and come to find out, class was canceled for the next day and we didn't have to do it! At any rate, I was still going to have to do that reading eventually, so it wasn't a real waste. I just didn't need to do it that evening.

March 10-14

Spring break! Nothing to report... except going to the Library once.   

March 3-7

I had an interesting week catching up from the flu the week before. I dragged myself into Anthropology last week, so the only test I had to make up was Biology. Apparently I actually did better while I was sick than after because I got a 98 on the Anthropology Mid-Term and a 76 on the Biology. I was pretty disappointed about the C in Biology, but I guess it wasn't that bad because the class average was only a 62, so I'm not sure how the final score is computed, but just maybe it won't be that bad.  

Feb 11-15

This was a good week. I got the rest of my test scores back. I didn't do quite as well as I would have liked on the Anthropology quiz, but it was still fine. And I got a 96% on my first biology exam! Which is way better than I expected to do! I'm going to keep going to the SI sessions though. Even if I don't learn anything new (which I often do actually) it gives me another chance to think over the material.

I went to a Navigator's meeting this last thursday, and it was great! I had been starting to worry because it had been more than a month now I think I met everyone there that I knew, but hadn't yet seen around campus, and that I had seen around and wanted to get to know. I even met an old friend, Chondra, from my days in Karate. I talked to Abby, who is in my anthropology class, and invited me to Navs, and I may end up helping her lead worship sometimes at the event, as their worship leader just stepped down and they are looking for other people to step in.

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