Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Flue

Wow... I have been sick this week! Terribly sick. It started on Tuesday, I left for Biology lab around two in the afternoon, and even then I could tell I wasn't feeling that great. By the time I was actually there, I new something was wrong, and it was hard to concentrate through the lab. After that I went and ate a sub and got one of those bottled Starbuck's drinks (which is probably the only reason I lived through the evening) then I came back and went to the telephone lab to call some people for this sociology survey one of my Professors, Dr. Madigan, is doing. I got down into the room and he handed me the survey to read over before I started calling (the survey is like 75 questions long, and you have to ask different ones depending on how the people answer them. So I'm looking over the thing, and it looks so confusing and I can't seem to figure it out for the life of me. Finally I got through it and started calling, and it took me about ten calls before I got someone who would do it, and that was the only one I got done, because I had to leave and hurry over to North Hall where we were having to take a tour of the Library for the "First Year Course" that I'm required to take... and that's when I really, really new something was wrong because I started coughing and feeling like I was going to faint (which I never have before, so I shouldn't worry... but it felt like it) and for part of the tour we were standing in the Middle of North Hall where you can look down all the floors and I honestly was afraid to get to close to the railing, because I was afraid I would faint and fall over the edge.  All said and done, the tour went like fifteen minutes overtime. Then I had to drive home and it was snowing and dark... so I turned on the soundtrack to the Bourn Ultimatum and pretended I was in Russia or something.... Then I got home, and went to bed and the next day it was confirmed: I have the flue. 
So, I've had to skip two days of classes, which normally wouldn't be so terrible, but it's Midterms right now, and to of those classes had big tests. I went to one... and I think I did alright, but I was completely wiped out afterwords. There was another on Friday, but I had to email that professor and ask her if she could let me take it another time because I couldn't possibly do it again.
I do know where I caught it though, it has to have been Syracuse, or Ithaca, last weekend with my Dad. My Dad came down with it at almost exactly the same time I learned later, so we have to have caught it at the same time, and the only time we were together anywhere was that farm show in Syracuse, and then that Mexican restaurant in in Ithaca afterwords.

So there... that was my week.



sherlock said...

Hello agian dude. Missed you. I'm back....

Andrew said...

sherlock! Good to see you back!

PS. you should leave me the address of your blog... I can't get there through your name....

overthinker said...

awww sorry you're sick.
josiah has the flu today.
all my friends just got over it, and he was at prayer meeting last night...AAAHH!!
so he is commiserating with you.
feel better soon.