Friday, February 01, 2008

Week Three

It's friday. Morning and I'm at home. Why am I at home? Because we are having a huge ice/wind storm.

I "overslept" this morning, because somehow either my alarm went off and I turned it off without knowing it, or my alarm didn't go off at all, which is plausible as my Mom later said that she never heard anything. At any rate, my Mom woke me up at about 8:20, and I was set to run out into the blizzard, which I was at this point still oblivious of, without any breakfast, to get to my first class which is at nine, when when my Mom suggested that I check online to see if it was canceled. So I did, and sure enough, it was, in fact, all classes are canceled today. So, as it turned out, I didn't oversleep. I was actually kind of disappointed for some reason... maybe just that I spent all yesterday getting assignments ready and I wanted to submit them.

Yesterday I had the worst time with computers! It was thursday, which is my day off from classes, and consequently, my day on work. So I was over at ThisWarmHouse in Mansfield, and I had brought along this micro computing assignment from college where we had to do some stuff with binary code and spread sheets (everybody told me how it was stupid that I had to take micro computing and that I would already know everything - well all those people took it about twenty years ago - and guess what, it has changed!). So I plugged my flash drive with the files on it into one of the workstations at my Dads office, and first was met with a disappointment when I found that I had saved it wrong off of my Mac, so the PC was just reading it like picture. Thus, I had to start all over again. It took a couple of hours because I was working too, and several customers came in. Finally, I was almost finished, and after one of the very last steps, there was this big POP! And the computer died. Just died. Turned off. No freeze, no error message, just went stone dead. So I lost it all! 

Say, here is a joke I learned from my Micro Computing Professor:

"There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don't."

My craziest class so far has been sociology, by virtue of the Professor, Dr. Madigan. He is a very, shall we say eccentric character. He is a Sociologist (obviously) but he is also the Harmonica player in an Irish Band... a rather rowdy Irish band. He is in fact Irish. He spends much of his time in China though, because he teaches there, and his wife is Taiwanese. So this past Wednesday, he opened class by play music from his band, and then playing the harmonica with it! And now, in our next class (which was going to be today) he is going to bring all of this authentic Chinese food and dare everyone to eat it... so yeah... Dr. Madigan. 

Here is a Dr. Madigan joke: "I once saw in Irish man walk out of a pub...."
I didn't get it for a while.

Anthropology is also interesting with Dr. Molla, although he isn't quite as crazy as Dr. Madigan, he is always coming up with examples to illustrate points that I think would make more sense to someone from Bangladesh or India (I'm not really clear on where he is from, but it's one of those two). It's kind of ironic really, Cultural Anthropology, the class that teaches about other cultures, and our Professor is in fact from another culture. I guess it's a good lesson in being culturally relativistic instead of ethnocentric (as they would say in anthropology) ; )

 - Andrew          



Tai Sophia said...

I got the Irish one, I think...but I didn't get the binary one...but that could be because I'm one of the people who doesn't get it.


Andrew said...

actually 10 means 2 in binary since they only have two digits: 1 and zero, to represent things with. I had to have it explained too actually, even though I should have gotten it. lol.

Anonymous said...

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