Saturday, February 09, 2008

Syracuse Mall

Syracuse was fun, although I'm getting a cold, which isn't fun. We went to the Apple store, and wow, if I didn't have any other priorities for my money...! As it was however, I only purchased one thing, a World of Warcraft game. Now I'm not to happy though, because I know that Warcraft is mostly online, but I assumed that it would have some sort of campaign or something that I could use without having to by a subscription... but noooooooooooo... you have to buy a subscription... which isn't really something I want to do,  because first, it's complicated, and second, it's on a per month basis, so I think I would probably have to play quite a bit to feel like I was getting my monies worth, and I don't have time to play nearly that much... so I'm feeling kind of ripped off about that right now... maybe I'll just wait to play it until spring vacation or something. I don't know. At least it wasn't that expensive. I looked at getting some other programs like photo shop and stuff, but they were all really expensive, like in the realm of near a hundred dollars, and I really struggle with the idea of paying that much for software. 

On the way back we ate at the new Moe's that they just put in in Ithaca, which was good. And now I'm extremely tired... probably partly from my cold, and partly from not getting enough sleep... so I must end my post here.. 


Anonymous said...

i've never bought anything at a mac store. i just play on the macs. and watch my dad do cool things on the macs. and dream.

Andrew said...

dreaming is about 95% of what I did there, lol