Sunday, February 24, 2008

New York Farm Show

I went to the New York Farm Show at the New York State Fair Grounds in Syracuse this Saturday. It brought back memories from last year as we were in the same booth. The booth was much bigger this year however, and we had another one at a different location. We also has several guys out from Greenwood as well as most of the ThisWarmHouse employees. My Dad and brother were there for Thursday and Friday, and I was there Saturday, which is also like last year, although I don't think Isaac went up at all then. It was very successful. We sold four Greenwoods and a giant Garn System. We even had one of the big Pelco Biomass Units there, which looks more like a silo than a stove. Here are some photos of the event: 

Our main booth:
By the end of the day I think this is what we all felt like:
These girls certainly did. I happened to look over and saw this and thought it was cute:
Here is outside the fairgrounds... this part of Syracuse used to be a junkyard, and largely still is. Now they want to turn the whole place into this environmental Mecca and have this big program that you can see if you go to the mall there... if your going to dream, I guess you might as well dream big:
On the way back my Dad and I drove through Ithaca. We went through Cornell, which is huge, and rich looking... and then we ate at a Mexican Restaurant that we really like on the commons. It's really cool... interestingly they don't have the bathrooms segregated by gender... but I guess that's Ithaca for you.... = )  

- Andrew


Brooke said...

That looked fun, and a little tiring. ;) The picture of the little boy was cute, he looked like he had a ruff day!

Tai Sophia said...

Ithaca...oh, Ithaca...