Friday, February 08, 2008

Mac Store!

We are going to a Mac Store!!!

This past week went pretty well over all. I had my first real set of exams in Biology 1101, Intro to Soc, and Intro to Anthro. I only have the results back from Soc so far. I guess it is a tough class, because I got an 88, and as it turned out, that was the second highest score in the whole class of almost fifty people! On Monday I ate squid in that class (don't ask). I had another crazy experience losing work for my micro computing class. I've had bad luck with that so far... but I was able to redo it without to much trouble. Anthropology was fun on Wednesday because Dr. Molla brought this Melanin testing device into the class. I was one of the volunteers and mine is 34.8, which I guess means I'm pretty white, though two of the girls who did it had even lower counts than me.

I'm afraid that class may be about to get interesting, perhaps in an unpleasant way, because, being a Christian and a creationist (which I know is apparently out of line with being an Anthropology major) I had intended to to keep a low profile and just answer what I needed to. I believe in challenging the accepted darwinian theory, but, when your such a minority in an area that is so owned by evolutionists, you have to pick your battles, and raising my hand to object every time a professor mentions monkeys, or a date before 10,000 BC isn't really something that I have the energy to do. So that was my game plan... lay low, suck it up, and get through this first semester at least. But today, this guy at the other side of the room started to challenge Dr. Molla on some issue regarding the origins of language. He didn't say it, but from how he put the question, I was immediately suspicious that he was like me; a creationist. I stuck around after class and he went and talked to Dr. Molla again. He was upset that he had was teaching linguistic evolution without saying that it was only a theory. After this I told him I agreed with him, although I that was all I had time to say. So now I'm in a bit of a quandary. I knew what I was getting into with this whole Anthropology thing. My Dad minored in it in college, and I have been fascinated by creationism and evolutionism since I was a little kid, so I figured I could handle it. But this is something I hadn't counted on. I don't want to pick a side and get involved in a war, especially before I've proven myself at all (and I don't believe I mentioned before, Dr. Molla happens to be my Advisor, so he's the last person I need a fight with!). But if this other guy is standing up for what I believe in, how can I possibly let him go it alone? So that's it. If you wanted to pray for me that would be fine. One thing is for certain, I'm going to get to know this other guy.


Tai Sophia said...

I shall pray for you, Drew.
College is bound to be like that, I suppose.
It's great to have some opportunities like that, though.

~Tai Sophia

Anonymous said...

I wish I could give you tapes from the Clash. It was a conference in August about worldview clashes and how to handle them etc. It was amazing but alas there are no I'll pray that God will let you know when to speak and how to say it. Remember that He gives grace to the humble. How you say it is just as important as what you say-even if you see no fruit from being humble and loving; the other kids in your class are bound to notice it.

postscript//congrads on the mac store. they're such fun...every once and a while my dad trek to the one an hour away and play. haha.