Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here is a picture I took of the lunar eclipse last night. My Mom and sisters were watching it through the window, and when I went out late to do the fire, It looked so good that I decided to try and photograph it. It kept blurring so finally I got a tripod that Mr. Slack gave me when they moved, set it up, switched my camera to the highest resolution and then cropped in really close. This is the best one I got, you can even see Venus and this other bright star that on CNN it said: "made cameo appearances throughout the night". Speaking of CNN, I tried to send them my photo, because they were asking for people to upload them to their site. But for some reason, their uploader makes both of the browsers I tried it on crash. Today they have a slide show of pictures people have sent it, and this one is better than a lot of them, but oh well... it's their loss I suppose... ; ) jstkd.



Tai Sophia said...

That IS a really nice photo Drew.
Yes, it's THEIR loss.
:P like 20 years, you'll be able to put it up as "A Never-Before Seen Photo of the February 2007 Eclipse"....or something.


Andrew said...

Except that you just saw it... so I couldn't really say never seen.... ; )

bethyada said...

Pretty good photo. I knew it was happening some days prior but neglected it on the day.

Here's my favourite from 2000: