Saturday, January 12, 2008


I had my orientation yesterday. It went well, aside from the fact that I was getting sick. The day all began with my Mom and I showing up, signing in, and sitting around with a bunch of other nervous and dazed looking parents and aspiring students. We bought my books, which were really expensive, and then I had to take a math placement exam, which I'm pretty sure I failed (the computer system was glitchy, so I was unable to find out right away like I was supposed to, it had the same error for all of the other thirty or so people taking it, but I just assume I probably failed it).

I spent the rest of the day going to different seminars and lectures and taking a tour around the campus. Then, I got my ID, did some extra shopping in the bookstore, went home, and got dreadfully sick with this head-cold/sinus-infection thing that made it feel like all my teeth were rotten and my eyes were going to pop out, and which I am still suffering from now, though its a little better, because I took some cold medicine.

Last night my sisters friend Jen came to stay. This morning, after I had sufficiently recovered from feeling awful and sleeping little, my Dad and I took my car, which I just got back from getting maintenance, out and washed and vacuumed it and treated all the leather and all that sort of thing... detailed it I guess you could say. And it looks and runs as much like new now as you could expect a car with 100+ thousand miles on it to look and run.

So that's about it for now....

- Andrew


Anonymous said...

hey. good luck with school. sounds exciting.

i've been praying for ya'lls church and will continue. I can say from experiance that nothing touches you which God is not aware of. That's not to say we always enjoy it or that it doesn't sometimes feel like He's not paying attention...but the truth is if He wasn't very much involved, we probably wouldn't get our next breath.

ps. my brother has the worst grammer/spelling in the world so don't worry about yours. haha.

Anonymous said...

I've said it once, i'll say it again, "i love your writing." wait, jen came to stay for the night, or like, came to stay, like stay. really really stay?

ah, just bothering you drew, srry.

Terribly sorry you were ill old chap. Hope it goes away soon.

Mah Grammar and spelleen arr fien! Whut the hekk arr yuu talkeen aboot?

It sounds so exciterable. Good luck old chap!
~yours fatally,

Andrew said...

lol, thanks guys!

Yours fatally - I've never heard that one before!

Anonymous said...

it's my favorite term now. :D

Anonymous said...

New post?!

Anonymous said...

wow. Sherlock sounds like a dangerous sort.