Monday, January 07, 2008

I Am Stardust

It was almost sixty degrees here today. Which feels positively tropical up here. This morning I worked for a while and then went for a long walk in the woods. Later on that day my whole family (except for Dad, who was at work went for a walk also, even though my Mom has been a bit under the weather for the last week. And the sunshine was wonderful!

I tried out the fifteen shot clip that my Grandpa Tom gave us for the 9mm. They were illegal for a long time (illegal to produce, if you already owned one, that was ok) and it worked great.

This evening, three of our neighbors dogs got out. The own a kennel, and sell English Labs, which go for thousands of dollars each, so they are out driving up and down the road trying to catch them as I type this. I think they ended up in my Aunt and Uncles new addition, which didn't make my Aunt and Uncle very happy, as the dogs had compiled quite a bit of mud by the time they go there. Speaking of their addition, it's huge! I just saw it with all the lights on for the first time last night as I was coming back from watching I Am Legend with Josh and Stephen. It looks like a tower or something sitting on our hill. 

Speaking of I Am Legend, it was very good! And probably the scariest movie I've ever seen. It was very thought provoking though, posing a lot of questions like When is a human still a human? So I was glad I stayed in Corning after church to watch it. Before we left the Cornfields, where we had house church, I watched part of Star-Dust. I thought it was pretty stupid at first, but then, one of the characters posed the question: "Why should you fight to be accepted by people you don't really even want to be like?" And from that moment on, I began to relate to the main character in the movie like I don't believe I have ever related to one before. Take away the fantasy setting and the first forty five minutes at least could have practically been a description of my life! 

I guess that's about it... I have my orientation at Mansfield University this Friday and start classes Monday.

Church is still in a general state of chaos  and discombobulation. I feel like in the last nine months I've lived through the 15th century reformation in a petri-dish; this faction going this way; another forming here; constants changing, revolutions against revolutions. I've found out a lot of things that I never before dreamed were expendable... like relationships.

Why should you fight to be accepted by people you don't really want to be like?   



Anonymous said...

My answer to the question you posed: because every human needs to feel accepted in one way or another, and we will do anything to earn that acceptance. When it comes to Christians trying to be accepted by other Christians with differing views, the one side wants to, or should, at least, help the other by sharing their view, which they believe to be more correct than the other's.

Your second-to-last sentence is amusing and sad at the same time. Powerful description. We haven't gone through something quite as multi-leveled as your situation, but I know how discouraging and depressing it is.

On my knees for you


Andrew said...

Thank you Hanna. I know you guys have gone through something very similar to what we have. Thanks for your prayers.

Anonymous said...

I wish you were at liberty to be a little less criptic (if your anything like me, you have to be careful what u say do to "slander"). I'm going to assume that your question has something to do with the corning church splitting (jordan told me a little about it). In answer to your question: We shouldn't. I've been trying to be "excepted" by all the soverign grace ppl my age for my whole life. And one day I just. . . quit. I think part of it is excepting ourselves, if that makes any sense. When it comes to christian vs. christian, there are a few things that all real christians should share. I'm sure you know what i'm talking about.

I'll keep you (and hans) in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

ah, something else, I did a review on I Am Legend. Didn't like it. I'm surprised you did! It was pretty scary.

Andrew said...

Thank you Sherlock.

Yes, that was at least in part what I was referring too. And thanks for understanding that it's not something I feel at liberty to really talk at all about online.

I do understand what your talking about, and yes, I know my spelling and grammatical usage are not perfect. I'm sure you know by now that I am human in all to many ways... ; (

So thanks very much for your prayers, and I'm sorry I was so rather cynical in this post. I was in a bit of a bad mood when I wrote it.

Andrew said...

Well no, I didn't read your review, but I have actually read another, and it didn't like it. So I can definitely understand where you are coming from, but I thought it had some deep enough ideas that it was good.

On the other hand I see a relatively small number of movies (at least compared to most of my friends) so I am more likely to jump off and say that something was great, just because I saw it...

= )

Anonymous said...

Don't apologize! If you can't be honest on your blog, where can you be honest?! Believe me, i have done many a post way more cynical than yours.

your comment on your grammar/spelling confused me, wasn't sure what you were talking about.

Anyhoo, keep ur chin up, wot wot.