Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008

Happy New Year!

We watched the ball drop.  That was about 40 minutes ago. I'm in bed now. Happy New Year.

- drew


Alexis Romeo Jewelry said...

Hi Andrew, happy new year and thanks for checking out my site! You're my first comment on my new blog, hooray! Very cool that you work with glass, will you keep doing it/have any pics?

Andrew said...

Thanks! Yes, I still work with it, although we don't do nearly as much as we used too. We used to be in a store on Rochester actually, People's Pottery but aren't anymore unfortunately.

We still have a pretty cool website though: www.soul.tm and there are some pictures there I think, although, the don't really do it justice, glass is very hard to photograph... for obvious reasons :)

So yeah, thanks for commenting back.

overthinker said...

noooooo! not another fan of the patriots selfish dynasty in football!!
haha. just kidding.

anyway i was wondering how you could post if you were asleep...it's an interesting skill...

happy new year.

Anonymous said...

now if he can do school while he is asleep, that's even better! I wish I could do that.

Happy New Year!


Andrew said...

Posting and doing school while asleep are not powers that I possess. Lamentably, in recent months, I have developed a remarkable skill for being in bed and not sleeping, which is all I was doing when I posted.