Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter Is Upon Us

Snow! Cold! We have a lot of snow, and it's cold, and it was really cold at the office today... because some of the guys had turned the gas furnace off over the weekend, so it didn't come on like it's supposed to when the wood furnace went out. And today being Monday, it was... cold.

And lots of winter related activities have been going on lately... on Saturday we went out to try and find a birch tree (my Mom has wanted white birch logs to put next to the fire place for a while now) and we ended up getting the car stuck. We then took the truck down to get the car out, and it got stuck too. Finally we walked up a second time and got the tractor with which we plowed the gas line (a big cleared out path that runs through the woods all the way to Philadelphia, and which we had foolishly been driving on) were able to drive the cars back up the hill. We still had no birch tree though, and I got seriously exhausted, as I was sick at the time. But we didn't get the worst of it, our neighbor, Don, who is really old (in his eighties I think) got his tractor stuck, and had to walk two miles to find us all the way out in the woods. Fortunately my Dad was able to get him unstuck as well. 

Sunday we went to the Efthimiou's house for what they and the Cornfields called a "Smashing Chistmas Party" which I assume meant "Great Christmas Party" but I was never really sure about it. We played ultimate frisbee in the snow. And when everybody got in we played a version of the white elephant game, which took forever and ended up with several girls being about the kill each other.

And it snowed again this afternoon. I had thought we were done after the blizzard we had on Friday/Saturday...  but no.

So I'm finally feeling better now... I never got really sick, but I was extremely tired and dizzy, and also rather depressed about life in general. I hope I don't get sick again... this is the second time I've been like that since we came up here to the Inn... so hopefully I'm done.

God Bless

- Andrew 


Sacchiel said...

Glad to know the cold hasn't taken it's toll on you!

sherlock said...

AAARRRGGHH! I (as a floridian)hate you!

Tai Sophia said... what about you WONDERFUL time with the Polczynskis? Hmmm? Haha!
Um, Ben wants to know if you will be uploading your song that both of you did...or if you could email it to him.
Well...if not, I am sure he will understand.


Tai Sophia said...

Thanks, Drew!

~Lady Tai