Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Shut Out In The Cold

Well, today I went to work in Mansfield and got a ride over with my Grandpa who was going to get firewood from the huge pile we have over at the office as we are almost out here at our house. Unfortunately, my Grandpa, knowing that we were going to arrive much later than Matt Slack, decided to not to bring a key. Now, Unknown to us, Matt Slack, had apparently made much the same decision, that or forgotten his keys. So, when he arrived at the office and found no one else there, and was locked out in the cold (it was really cold, with several inches of snow this morning) he decided to go off to Walmart and buy a hat. Now, about 15 minutes later, Grandpa and I arrived, and found nothing but Mr. Slacks foot prints leading to and from the door. We were very puzzled, and very stuck ... so, we did the only thing we could do... commence to load the firewood. We did this until Mr. Slack got back, at which point we were happy because we thought we could get in, but alas, we soon learned his sad story as well. So the three of us commenced to do the only thing could: load firewood. And this we did until finally Marty showed up, and Marty, had the keys.

That afternoon was kind of tough, because we had to put a minor recall into effect on a secondary installation component. A small recall, that was more of an inconvenience that a problem, but a recall none the less. And I was given the honer of fronting the whole thing... which wasn't exactly fun, as I had to call about sixteen people and explain the situation to them. Fortunately everyone was pretty cool about it, and, as I said, it wasn't a huge problem. None the less, I was glad when my Mom came and picked me up early (after I had completed the list).

Mr. Slack got me today. I was about to walk down across the river to Subway as usual and get lunch, but he saw me and said that since I didn't have a car today and it was so cold I could drive his. "The keys are in it" he said. So I get out to the car, and the keys are no where to be found, I shuffled around for a bit looking for them, and all of a sudden the alarm starts going off. I couldn't figure out what I had done, so I got out, and who is standing in the door way with the keys laughing, but Mr. Slack. So yes, Mr. Slack is a very... special man.

I didn't get a chance to go hunting today. But I did yesterday, and I saw a small buck. I have a personal rule about not shooting anything less than six points though... preferably more (the only one I've ever killed had seven) so I decided not to try and shoot it. I did find this fern root ball that he had dug up from the snow just a few seconds before, and taken a bite out of... I dug it up the rest of the way and brought it back, so yeah... the way this is shaping up, that may be my only memento of this hunting season.

I'm getting all sorts of letters and forms and things from University, and all that crazyness that comes with finishing the enrollment process and trying to get the credits I earned taking college courses online in high school to transfer over.

So thats life right now... my Dad is on his way back from Virginia/Kentucky/Ohio (did I miss anyone) deliveries. We are pretty much settled into the Inn as our home now. There is lots of snow right now.

- Andrew


Anonymous said...

Ha! Mr. Slack is so funny.

overthinker said...

i miss the slacks. he is VERY special. haha.

you have the fun stories on your blog.