Saturday, December 08, 2007

Reality vs. Unreality

The guys as we see them:

The guys as they see themselves:

Nicky and Isaac as we see them:

Nicky and Isaac as they see themselves:

Ben in the real world:
Ben in the less than real world:

Mattea in reality:
Mattea in Halo

Alex in reality
Alex in unreality:

I took all these photos at a Halo party I hosted at our house several weeks ago. And, looking back on them, I noticed a certain amount of irony. So what do you think about them?

Do you think that unreality could ever seem more attractive to us than reality?

Do you think unreality can ever become more important to us?

Do you think this is right?

Do you think in the future, unreality could become our entire lives?

Do you think this would be right?

The deep thoughts that I often have during 5 hour halo games.

WILBERFORCE 1 (Andrew in the real world)


sherlock said...

Hmmm... that's something tot hink about.

Sorry for the lack of comments. A lot has been going on.

overthinker said...

i like the deepness.
but i don't have the time to "wax poetic" {translation: say all sorts of silly words with my abstract thoughts about your questions} about them.
good thoughts.

overthinker said...

answers to your questions (from my opinion of course so they're subjective)
well...if you mean we only "live" in the real world by eating, drinking, sleeping, and things like that we need to stay alive; if all of our social interaction and such is in unreality than yes in a way. of course that would be terribly wrong because our spiritual needs can not be met outside of the Bible and Christ {and if possible a local church}; and also God created us as human beings meant to interact with other humans. for His glory and our sanctification.
so yeah. it'd be wrong. because we wouldn't be reflecting the image of God anymore. (i don't have enough time but this also brings up the question of all the temptations faced in unreality such as a temptation to pride and feeding an "all about me" mentality}
that's my quickish thoughts.

but for now, i think we can definitly glorify God and play halo at the same time.