Sunday, December 23, 2007

My 18th Birthday

So, I'm 18 now (I wonder how many of my posts begin with so? probably a lot). On my actual Birthday, the 19th, I had my celebration with my Family, and I got a car! Well, it was one that we had already, but it's legally mine now, and I have to pay for all the maintenance, so, I have a car now. I also got The Edge of the World on DVD, which we watched and was good.
My Mom took me shopping and I also got a couple of pairs of shoes and a T shirt and stuff. Then we went out to eat a Los Panchos, our favorite Mexican Restaurant.

We had my Main Party on Saturday. It was late notice for everyone, and was only a sort of open house, thing, so I wasn't expecting many people to show up, but starting at four, people came, and we ended up with almost everyone we had invited. And some stayed pretty late (namely Mr. St. Angelo, who we played Halo with). So it was really fun.

This morning we went to Church at our Mennonite Church in Canton, and stopped by our Grandparents for Chinese on the way back. So that was my Birthday post. Sorry it was so late in coming, but I've been lazy/busy.

Merry Christmas!

- drew

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Anonymous said...


that's the hard part about growing up; more resposibility. Ah well, there is more freedom, too.

nice pics.