Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Blogday! + D-Day I - Bad Luck and Bad Weather

My Blog is turning two! Well, actually, it was yesterday I believe... but at any rate, its close to the time of my first post, as deer season has just begun. And now, my hunting report.

Day 1: I went out early, around five fifty or so and walked to a spot way below the Inn (which we are officially moved into now) and sat down. It was still about pitch black... and cold and rainy. I sat down on the remains of this stonewall, and soon realized that this was the kind weather in which most sane people like to sleep in late in warm houses, not get up early and trapes out into the cold, wet, foggy, darkness. But, my sanity aside, I was there.

My intention was to wait until day light, at which point I would stand up and look out across the field, which, would hopefully have at least a few unsuspecting deer in it. But alas, when at long last it did get light (if you could call it light) there were no deer to be seen, and even if there had been (which there actually may have) the valley was so full of fog that you could only see small parts of it, the rest being completely obsucred.

After that, I went out and walked about all the paths that are at least supposed to be free of others, but I saw only one deer, a relativlely small one, dashing away across the field. I went down into the woods to see if there might be more where it ran to. I found none. But judeing by a number of loud, very near shots, and a figure bending down next to our DSL hub, which even now serves to give the internet I am posting on, to gut, what appeared to be a deer, I am afraid to inform you that bamb is probably no more.

I walked back around the Inn, and actually saw a number of deer for about three seconds dashing through the trees way up ahead, but not for long enough to even raise my gun, let alone positively identify a target.

I went home, and tried to sleep, and did - for about eight minutes when one of the guys from the office called to ask me some work related question. And on my day off for deer hunting! But had been off for nearly a week at that point what with thanksgiving and moving and all that, so I guess I can't complain.

Late that afternoon I went out again. It was still raining and foggy. I walked about, and, low and behold there were actaully four deer in it... doe, about a hundred yards off, small to medium sized, but I decided to go for it. I found it in my scope, shot, and missed. I was chambering my gun to shoot again, when the deer ran, and turned - toward me! I have no protocal for that move! It's not supposed to happen! But it did - bringing to mind thoughts of Hunt for the Read October, in which the brave defecting Soviet Captain steers his sub into the enemy torpedo, hitting it before it has time to arm. Now, if you have ever shot a gun with a scope before, you know that it is hard to hit something that is close to you, the scope typically being callibrated for a hundred yards of so. And if you have ever shot any gun before, or played video game for that matter, you know it's hard to hit something when it's running. These deer were now running and close, and they passed within about twenty yards of me without ever being able to draw beed on them. Finally, the crossed the road, and I took a pot shot, but by this time they were a long way off and running even faster, so I predictably missed.

I spent the next forty five minutes or so trailing them and walking back through the pines near where they had run just in case I had injured one (I've never killed a deer before and thought that i hit it until I found the body), but I found nothing. So I conclude to the best of my abilities that they were both clean misses, which, is better than a less than lethal hit... but still lousy.

So, I went home to the Inn empty handed. This morning I had to leave for work again. And, although my Dad said we would get home before sundown, we didn't (and I didn't expect to, because we don't) so I couldn't hunt then either. So I guess I don't really have a post for day two. But hopefully I'll be able to get out tomorrow. And have better luck - and aim.

As a note for myself in the future, there weren't as many gunshots early on... it could be there are actually less deer, or less hunters due to the weather, but as it picked up later, it was probably just the darkness and fog.

- Andrew


Brooke said...

You have a very nice writing ability. You should write a book. I think it is all that tea. ;-)

Cool story btw, it was kinda funny reading it though, because the thought of killing a dear to me is like wow! Where I live the most you ever see is a jack rabbit, or a coyote.

But seriously you should consider doing some writing, I'd buy it.

Anonymous said...

My dad and brothers were hunting near you this week. Your story is just like theirs, except they didn't even see anything when they were prepared to shoot.

Hunting can be so much pain for no gain sometimes, huh?

* Han*

Andrew said...

tell me about it.

but when you do get something its really fun.

Anonymous said...

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