Thursday, November 29, 2007

Days III-IV - Still Nothing

Yesterday I went hunting and came across the same group of doe (at least I'm 80% sure it was) that I had seen on Monday. This time it was out in the far corner of the wind rows and it was a relatively long shot to take free standing (but when your in a field you don't really have much choice). I took a shot but missed and then, stopping to look at them as the ran, I thought better of it and seeing how young and relatively small they were, decided not to try again, they stopped however, one right behind the other, and seeing as it would actually be possible to to kill two with one shot, I gave it another try, thinking that even if the amount of meat we got wasn't worth the bother, it would still be worth it just for the story. But alas, I missed again! At this point, I decided that either my rifle had been knocked out of sight, or my aim had gone done the tubes!

That in mind, I took the .44 Magnum out today. It is considerably lighter, and, most importantly has open sights, which I much prefer when it's possible to use them. I headed out, and stuck mainly to trails that were densely wooded as open sights wouldn't work for any long range shots. While on the trail that connects Old Post Lane to Toad Lane I heard a sound and saw the tail of a deer briefly through the pine trees just about fifteen feet to my left. I heard a lot of crashing and if it hadn't been for the pine trees, I'm sure I could have taken one, as it was almost point-blank range and I was feeling much more confident with the .44. There were several deer, as it turned out, but I never, however, saw much more of them than their tails crashing through the brush and down the hill side onto the Herr and Leman Estate (a 900 acre plot of more or less wilderness that borders our hill on two sides, that is owned by two guys from down state who only come up for hunting season). So, still no deer. On the bright side, we are supposed to get some snow very soon hear, which always makes deer hunting much easier.

All for today,

- Andrew  


Brooke said...

Do you shoot them for like sport? Or for like food?

Anonymous said...

Both really, Brooke. At least in my family. I love venison!

How long does the season last, Drew?

* Han*

Andrew said...

I think two weeks.

sherlock said...

i like hunting stories.
you should hear some of my dad's and his brothers from bow hunting for elk out west. crazy.

(dams again)