Friday, November 30, 2007

Day V

I was at work most of the day, and when I got home there was only about half an hour of light left. The temperature has dropped substantially, into the twenties. Still no snow however, but most of the ground is frozen which makes traveling through the fields much easier. I saw no deer at all, probably nestled away from the cold deep in the woods some place. 

Something funny that happened today, my sisters cat, Show, followed me. I've heard hunting deer with dogs is illegal. How about kittens? I told her to go back, but she seemed intent on coming too... which was annoying. It was funny though, because she acted like she was hunting too (which she probably was) sneaking up to an area, and then pouncing on some twig that moved. And when ever she would get loud I would tell her "shhhhhhhh" and she would actually quiet down for a minute, but soon enough I'd here her start crunching along again. On the way back home walking down the wind rows (which are about half a mile long and very well, windy) she got so cold and tired that I had to carry her some of the way... so here I am, hunter, in blaze orange, .44 in one hand and kitten in the other.

All for now,



sherlock said...

Andrew the hunter, with his faithful cat, show. :)

You should post in Webdings!

sherlock said...

i liked that story.
good luck getting something soon!

(ps. this is dams. joe is logged in and i'm too lazy to un-log him haha)

Andrew said...

haha, yeah, I know what you mean.

Anonymous said...

That paints a funny picture.

It's amazing how long I go sometimes without interacting with anyone my own age. It's depressing if I dwell on it sometimes.

Drink lots of green tea for antioxidants!

* Han*