Thursday, November 22, 2007

Admission, Moving, Turkey

Yesterday I was accepted at Mansfield University which was very cool because we were not expecting to find out until after Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, we had a good one. We started the day by driving into Troy and running around the 1/2 mile track twice... which was sort of an inside joke, because you know if you've read my blog, last year we were in Tallahassee FL and  ran in the Turkey Trot with my Aunt and Uncle Prutsman and their boys. So after we ran, we called him and said that we had just done our own turkey trot, sending him a picture from my Dads iPhone. Ironically, they ended up not doing their Turkey Trot because it was raining. I hope know one saw us though, because it must have looked funny with all of us down there by ourselves Thanksgiving morn running around the track. My time for the mile by the way was 7.22.3 seconds. My little sister Sanna was the probably the most impressive though as she ran a whole half mile by herself. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Wilber/Efthimiou Clan at the their house in Catan and it was fun... with lots and lots of food.

Tomorrow we begin to move into our other house the "Inn" which is the property up the road from us that we usually rent out or let church related people stay in. The reason for this: we are redoing our own house, which is getting to be about 15 years old and hasn't had anything serious done to it since we built it. It has really scuffed up floors and walls and weak plumbing and squirrels in my bedroom (that's another story unto itself).

Now, I'm not too thrilled about this as it means moving from our house, which is already too small for the eight of us into and even smaller one... and as it's winter I'm afraid I may go insane. Secondly, my Dad knows lots of Contractors... which is good on one hand because we have no trouble getting one, but bad on the other because it means that these so called "contractors" never actually have to put anything in writing. They thus, tend to take a sweet time about it. Case in point, a few years ago, my Dad got one of these guys who shall remain nameless, but happens to be a very good contractor to redo our bathroom. It took him six months! To put that in perspective, the same guy is building our Uncle a new house right now. It's nearly finished, and so far, it has taken less time than  our little bathroom project! So, all things in view, I'm afraid that our stay at the Inn is going to stretch far beyond the projected three months.

So, anyways, that's just my view on the subject... it will probably be fine in the end though.



Anonymous said...

Hiya Drew. Sounds rough. I live in a little trailer-like house with five other ppl.

Andrew said...

wow, yeah... I suppose its our lot in life.

; )

Anonymous said...

it's taken us at least a year and a half to close in our porch, and we still don't have the tile floor in yet. :D

* Han*