Friday, November 30, 2007

Day V

I was at work most of the day, and when I got home there was only about half an hour of light left. The temperature has dropped substantially, into the twenties. Still no snow however, but most of the ground is frozen which makes traveling through the fields much easier. I saw no deer at all, probably nestled away from the cold deep in the woods some place. 

Something funny that happened today, my sisters cat, Show, followed me. I've heard hunting deer with dogs is illegal. How about kittens? I told her to go back, but she seemed intent on coming too... which was annoying. It was funny though, because she acted like she was hunting too (which she probably was) sneaking up to an area, and then pouncing on some twig that moved. And when ever she would get loud I would tell her "shhhhhhhh" and she would actually quiet down for a minute, but soon enough I'd here her start crunching along again. On the way back home walking down the wind rows (which are about half a mile long and very well, windy) she got so cold and tired that I had to carry her some of the way... so here I am, hunter, in blaze orange, .44 in one hand and kitten in the other.

All for now,


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Days III-IV - Still Nothing

Yesterday I went hunting and came across the same group of doe (at least I'm 80% sure it was) that I had seen on Monday. This time it was out in the far corner of the wind rows and it was a relatively long shot to take free standing (but when your in a field you don't really have much choice). I took a shot but missed and then, stopping to look at them as the ran, I thought better of it and seeing how young and relatively small they were, decided not to try again, they stopped however, one right behind the other, and seeing as it would actually be possible to to kill two with one shot, I gave it another try, thinking that even if the amount of meat we got wasn't worth the bother, it would still be worth it just for the story. But alas, I missed again! At this point, I decided that either my rifle had been knocked out of sight, or my aim had gone done the tubes!

That in mind, I took the .44 Magnum out today. It is considerably lighter, and, most importantly has open sights, which I much prefer when it's possible to use them. I headed out, and stuck mainly to trails that were densely wooded as open sights wouldn't work for any long range shots. While on the trail that connects Old Post Lane to Toad Lane I heard a sound and saw the tail of a deer briefly through the pine trees just about fifteen feet to my left. I heard a lot of crashing and if it hadn't been for the pine trees, I'm sure I could have taken one, as it was almost point-blank range and I was feeling much more confident with the .44. There were several deer, as it turned out, but I never, however, saw much more of them than their tails crashing through the brush and down the hill side onto the Herr and Leman Estate (a 900 acre plot of more or less wilderness that borders our hill on two sides, that is owned by two guys from down state who only come up for hunting season). So, still no deer. On the bright side, we are supposed to get some snow very soon hear, which always makes deer hunting much easier.

All for today,

- Andrew  

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Blogday! + D-Day I - Bad Luck and Bad Weather

My Blog is turning two! Well, actually, it was yesterday I believe... but at any rate, its close to the time of my first post, as deer season has just begun. And now, my hunting report.

Day 1: I went out early, around five fifty or so and walked to a spot way below the Inn (which we are officially moved into now) and sat down. It was still about pitch black... and cold and rainy. I sat down on the remains of this stonewall, and soon realized that this was the kind weather in which most sane people like to sleep in late in warm houses, not get up early and trapes out into the cold, wet, foggy, darkness. But, my sanity aside, I was there.

My intention was to wait until day light, at which point I would stand up and look out across the field, which, would hopefully have at least a few unsuspecting deer in it. But alas, when at long last it did get light (if you could call it light) there were no deer to be seen, and even if there had been (which there actually may have) the valley was so full of fog that you could only see small parts of it, the rest being completely obsucred.

After that, I went out and walked about all the paths that are at least supposed to be free of others, but I saw only one deer, a relativlely small one, dashing away across the field. I went down into the woods to see if there might be more where it ran to. I found none. But judeing by a number of loud, very near shots, and a figure bending down next to our DSL hub, which even now serves to give the internet I am posting on, to gut, what appeared to be a deer, I am afraid to inform you that bamb is probably no more.

I walked back around the Inn, and actually saw a number of deer for about three seconds dashing through the trees way up ahead, but not for long enough to even raise my gun, let alone positively identify a target.

I went home, and tried to sleep, and did - for about eight minutes when one of the guys from the office called to ask me some work related question. And on my day off for deer hunting! But had been off for nearly a week at that point what with thanksgiving and moving and all that, so I guess I can't complain.

Late that afternoon I went out again. It was still raining and foggy. I walked about, and, low and behold there were actaully four deer in it... doe, about a hundred yards off, small to medium sized, but I decided to go for it. I found it in my scope, shot, and missed. I was chambering my gun to shoot again, when the deer ran, and turned - toward me! I have no protocal for that move! It's not supposed to happen! But it did - bringing to mind thoughts of Hunt for the Read October, in which the brave defecting Soviet Captain steers his sub into the enemy torpedo, hitting it before it has time to arm. Now, if you have ever shot a gun with a scope before, you know that it is hard to hit something that is close to you, the scope typically being callibrated for a hundred yards of so. And if you have ever shot any gun before, or played video game for that matter, you know it's hard to hit something when it's running. These deer were now running and close, and they passed within about twenty yards of me without ever being able to draw beed on them. Finally, the crossed the road, and I took a pot shot, but by this time they were a long way off and running even faster, so I predictably missed.

I spent the next forty five minutes or so trailing them and walking back through the pines near where they had run just in case I had injured one (I've never killed a deer before and thought that i hit it until I found the body), but I found nothing. So I conclude to the best of my abilities that they were both clean misses, which, is better than a less than lethal hit... but still lousy.

So, I went home to the Inn empty handed. This morning I had to leave for work again. And, although my Dad said we would get home before sundown, we didn't (and I didn't expect to, because we don't) so I couldn't hunt then either. So I guess I don't really have a post for day two. But hopefully I'll be able to get out tomorrow. And have better luck - and aim.

As a note for myself in the future, there weren't as many gunshots early on... it could be there are actually less deer, or less hunters due to the weather, but as it picked up later, it was probably just the darkness and fog.

- Andrew

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Admission, Moving, Turkey

Yesterday I was accepted at Mansfield University which was very cool because we were not expecting to find out until after Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, we had a good one. We started the day by driving into Troy and running around the 1/2 mile track twice... which was sort of an inside joke, because you know if you've read my blog, last year we were in Tallahassee FL and  ran in the Turkey Trot with my Aunt and Uncle Prutsman and their boys. So after we ran, we called him and said that we had just done our own turkey trot, sending him a picture from my Dads iPhone. Ironically, they ended up not doing their Turkey Trot because it was raining. I hope know one saw us though, because it must have looked funny with all of us down there by ourselves Thanksgiving morn running around the track. My time for the mile by the way was 7.22.3 seconds. My little sister Sanna was the probably the most impressive though as she ran a whole half mile by herself. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Wilber/Efthimiou Clan at the their house in Catan and it was fun... with lots and lots of food.

Tomorrow we begin to move into our other house the "Inn" which is the property up the road from us that we usually rent out or let church related people stay in. The reason for this: we are redoing our own house, which is getting to be about 15 years old and hasn't had anything serious done to it since we built it. It has really scuffed up floors and walls and weak plumbing and squirrels in my bedroom (that's another story unto itself).

Now, I'm not too thrilled about this as it means moving from our house, which is already too small for the eight of us into and even smaller one... and as it's winter I'm afraid I may go insane. Secondly, my Dad knows lots of Contractors... which is good on one hand because we have no trouble getting one, but bad on the other because it means that these so called "contractors" never actually have to put anything in writing. They thus, tend to take a sweet time about it. Case in point, a few years ago, my Dad got one of these guys who shall remain nameless, but happens to be a very good contractor to redo our bathroom. It took him six months! To put that in perspective, the same guy is building our Uncle a new house right now. It's nearly finished, and so far, it has taken less time than  our little bathroom project! So, all things in view, I'm afraid that our stay at the Inn is going to stretch far beyond the projected three months.

So, anyways, that's just my view on the subject... it will probably be fine in the end though.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Today in Mansfield

It's about 5:45, and I'm here at the office... not an unusual hour for me to be here... even though it's technically about an hour past when I'm supposed to have left. 

I applied at Mansfield University this morning with my Mom. We thought that we were really late, and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get in, but as it turned out we actually still have time to get in for the next semester. So I applied for Anthropology. So your about to ask "What are you planning on doing with that?" well don't. I'll throttle your. And if your in Florida, I'll come there and throttle you ; )

Actually... thats a good question, but there are actually a lot of things, and not always what you would think of... if you even thought of anything.

I haven't been accepted yet obviously. But the people in Admissions liked my scores and they said they felt it was fairly certain that I would be. So, unless they were being really mean... I think that I will.

We had snow this morning when I woke up, and it started snowing even harder soon after, though I think it probably melted by early afternoon, as there wasn't very much at all when we came down out of the hills (relatively speaking... it's pretty much all hills round here) I hope that we get some that sticks in time for deer season though... because hunting is always much nicer in the snow (deer hunting at least).

So that was today... and I'm still here at the office... at five fifty five... which is really very close to an hour after we should have left... but from the sound of it we may not be leaving for a while yet. This guy called in a I answered and got him to accept a quote on the price... but I can't do those myself, so I brought my Dad in, and they have been talking ever since. 

- Andrew 

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Dual

Last night we had our semi-yearly boys sleepover at my Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was Daniel, Abram, my Brother and I. Today, before we had to go we made a couple of short movies. Here is one of them....

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Medieval vs. Modern Christian Thought

"[An] example of the vastness of the medieval conception of God can be taken from the poetic fringes of the medieval world - the world of the barbarian north. This was a world just emerging from heathenism, and so the conception of God came from the more civilized south. Imagine yourself standing on the North Sea, the sky above you cold and pale. Your Father, or perhaps your Grandfather had been a loyal servant of Thor and Odin. You, like them, are both Nobel and Barbaric, but, unlike them, you are a Christian. The emergence of your house from heathenism is recent, and apostasy is an ever present possibility, as the Danes once showed by falling into the worship of their devils. But you and your people, the Geats of Southern Sweden still stand delivered. You look at your ship, which is isig and utfus, covered in ice and ready to sail. You are ready to embark, and look out over the hrond-rode, or whale road. You live in an austere world, but one full of a glittering and sever beauty.
C. S. Lewis once spoke of the lure of the pagan "northernness," a lure which in turn was used to help draw him to Christ. "Pure Northernness' engulfed me; a vision of huge, clear spaces hanging above the Atlantic in the endless twilight of Northern summer, remoteness, severity." This northernness is not necessarily Christian, but when turned to Christ, it is redeemed like all sinful things and stands upright. But we Moderns have little interest in such redemptions and their results because the Church in our era is slack and effeminate. We do not look at an unbounded northern sky and by analogy see the eternity of God; rather, we look mystically inward at the swamps and standing puddles of our own hearts and see just what one might expect in such places - but not very much and not very far."

Excerpt from Angels in the Architecture by Douglas Jones and Douglas Wilson.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Flying Tents and a Comet Named Holmes

So yesterday, I was at work, and I looked outside, and low and behold, the 10' by 20' tent that we keep set up on our lot to park the skid-steer under was upside down! And stranger still, it was on the other side of the lot, and was undamaged, which means that as there is a barrier of large boulders in between the two sides ( to keep truckers using our lot to turn around) it must have moved all the way, at an altitude of at least three feet or so above the ground! So, it must have been the wind... but the other thing is, there was no wind to speak of that day... so it must have been a freak gust that blew up - that or some bazaar prank, that was carried out in only a few seconds, while we weren't looking out the front of the store.
Today was crazy at the store, and to make it worse, my dad and two of our employees were attending a bunch of meetings in Corning. So it was just Mr. Slack, Marty and myself to handle all of it.

This evening we just got back from going to an Astronomy club that meets over on Mount Pisga, a big wild life preserve with a lake, and hardly anyone around for miles. It was awesome! The sky was so clear! And they had this huge telescope. The meeting had been called on a spur of the moment notice, because a comet, the Holmes (which I can only assume was named after you sherlock!) which they had been tracking all over the country for several days had under gone some sort of unexpected anomaly that that made it over a hundred times brighter! So, due to the short notice, it the only other people there were the old people that run the club, so we all got to spend lots of time looking through the telescope. Above is a rather faint picture that is the best I could do with my camera looking through the telescope lens, but if you consider that it was surrounded by stars when you actually looked at it, and they don't even show up in the photo, you can begin to imagine how bright it actually looked in real life.

Here is the one group photo I took, scaring the heck out of everyone with the flash : )

all for now,
God bless,

- Andrew

PS, if your interested in learning more about Holmes and seeing some better pictures, follow this link: