Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Skunk Attack

Last night our house got attacked by a skunk. That or something near our house attacked a skunk, because it started smelling extremely skunky in our house, which, no pun intended really stank. I was the first one who noticed it, because everybody else had just thought it was my baby sister, lol. I went out side to try and find it, or to see if any of our pets had been victims, but apparently none were and I didn't find any skunk. But this morning when I came down around 6:50, or so, it still smelled like it in the room that had had and open window at the time of the negatively aromatic event.

It has been very, very busy at the office, what with it finally starting to get cold and all (we sell Alternative Sustainable Heating Systems). Today I had a funny experience. You see, one of my jobs is following up on leads with customers that want to buy heat transfer lines. The leads come in from the manufacturer (people request information on there website), and then I contact the people and let them know that we are the local distributor and (hopefully) sell them everything they need. My usual procedure is to send them and email as soon. I get their info, and then send them a letter the next day. Then, if I'm feeling particularly psyched, I'll call. So yesterday I got a lot of leads and sent the emails. Today, put together the letters and was addressing them, and the phone rang, as it does every minute or so, and Mr. Slack picked it up and said is was for me, and told me who it was, and low and behold, it was the very same person, whose name I had just written on and envelope! Ok, so maybe that wasn't funny, but it seemed like it at the time.

Back at home now... came home early because my Grandpa had to get back and he was my ride, but with how early I'm going in now I'd already put in nearly eight hours.

I've been playing the MM online game, tribal wars, which has been pretty cool. It's sort of like a dumbed down version of Age of Empires, except your playing with hundreds of people at the same time and its completely server based, so you don't have to download anything. I have the button on my blog now, if you scroll down. I'm on world 9 and my name is Vandrew (my village is called vandrewgrad).

- Andrew


sherlock said...

Hiya Drew! Yeah, my grandma's house got skunked several times whilst i was there. Ask jordan to check his gmail, i emailed him... Maybe his parents decided he can't email any of his fat friends? lol

I wish as many intresting things to post about happend to me as they seem to happen to you. I will probaly try out tribal wars when i finish this semester, so in a month or so look for "Azarath3451" or something like that. :)

Andrew said...

hahaha... no, you don't wish that!

Yeah, well, I'll maybe stop when I begin my semester... ;)

(I'm not in school right now, which is sort of cool, some people take a Gap year in between highschool and college... I'm taking a gap semester : )

Anonymous said...

Cool. What college are you planning to go to?