Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rollover Telephone

It's been a pretty good past week. My Dad was in Ohio again, so I stayed home from work for a couple of days, though I couldn't get away completely as we got the rollover phone system working again, which means that any calls that aren't picked up at the office (which, this time of year can be quite a significant number) so I took calls and leads and forwarded them by email. Still, I had time to finish the Halo 3 campaign.

I've been feeling a little closer in my walk with God the past week... it simply seems that some of the things that I had seen as big problems suddenly started to seem less important, as I had hoped, but not believed they would... and I've been able to recognize my need for God, and a desire for him too, which was something I was afraid I had lost. But I've been stretching intellectually not so much in the range of things I would be exposed to (I think that was always pretty broad) but in the sphere of things that I would actually contemplate accepting (if that makes any sense)... we've gone to our old Mennonite church, and heard some different speakers... and read some books that I would have absolutely sneered at two years ago, and listened to some new music. But with some of the things that have happened, I think I'm more open. And through the new things I think I've been able to accept much of my reformed thought that I had become so bitter against... and like I said, the things that used to make me so angry about it don't seem to matter as much. So anyways, I usually have a rule against talking about this stuff on here... so I'll probably delete it later, likely as not. But for now, I could use your prayers.

- Andrew


sherlock said...

Halo 3??? I thought you were the one who didn't like video games?? Anyway. So what reformed thoughts are we talking about? I will be praying.

I've been struggling with similiar things (if i understand your post right). . . Half of my struggle is just setting time to be with God. I haven't read my bible just for the sake of reading my bible in ages, and i used to be very good at praying but i seem to find myself slipping more and more. So i guess i could use a prayer too :).

Andrew said...

Nope, I like video games, good ones at least.

Oh... just a lot of stuff the Sovereignty of God and predestination and how that relates to us and suffering and sin and all that....

thanks for your prayers, praying for you also.