Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Manatoba (The Great White North, EH!)

I'm off to Manatoba, Canada tomorrow on business with Mr. Kimball and my Dad. We're going to be getting training on a new product line that we're potentially going to be carrying. It should be a good trip with just the three of us, and it will be the farthest I've ever gone from home, by about fifteen miles : ) So I'm relatively exited about it. The down side is, its a 25 hour drive, 1 way. So I've packed a bunch of DVD's and stuff to watch on my Mac, and I'll bring books, though I get car sick if I read for more that five minutes in the car, blah! Maybe the roads will be better in Canada... I know there health care system is ; ) But I should get to find out (about the roads that is - God willing not their health care system) as Mr. Kimball sounds like he's planning on having me drive a bit as he wants to work on the business plan with my Dad. So pray that I don't forget the metric conversion and end up driving 100 mph in the 100k zone : 0

So the town that we are going to is Arborg, at the NW end of lake Winnipeg, which is so far up there that no major highways go beyond it (at least not that are on map-quest). So it should be an adventure! I'll post if I get a chance and an internet connection, or perhaps I can borrow Mr. Kimball's computer or my Dads iPhone as both of those get it through cellular.

Anyways, see you all later!

God bless,



mattea kiriel said...

Yes have a safe trip!

I was just reading you last post and "Mystery at Taughanock Falls" sounds like a good Nancy Drew book lol.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it does. : )

Well, aren't you the traveling man. I have the same problem with reading in the car, except certain times. It really stinks because I'm such a bibliophile, and you sure can get a lot of school done that way.

Have fun! I'll pray you don't have to try out their healthcare system adn you remember your conversions. Hehe!

* Han*