Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Farm Science Review (Day 1)

"Ohio has the flavor of a water chestnut; it's not to crazy and it's not the best." - Matt Thiessen

Well, I guess living there himself, he would know, but it hasn't been so bad so far, our first day hear at the Farm Science Review went really well.

Above (you've probably seen them by now) are my pictures from the today;
The first one is my dad and the "Dudes" from Greenwood Tech;  the next four are of them and Michael Kimbal in the booth interacting with customers; the last two are of my brother and sisters after seven hours in that back seat.

- Andrew


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. One of my favorites has the daisies on the left.

Ooo, seven hours. Dad can't stand me and my siblings after that long in a car! Did you do school on the way?

* Han*

Anonymous said...

The b+w pic looks reminiscent of Abbey Road. : D

Anna.Victoria said...

looks like fun!!
ohhhhh......7 hours...it may just be me....but I LOVE road trips!!!!!! =D
Hey....will you guys be here on Sunday? Jst wondering....cu we are having a mime type of thing at our house after worship and stuff....and were hoping that if you and Mattea and Maryah and Isaac would like to come. Miss you guys!

Andrew said...

haha, I thought it looked sort of like the Beatles : )

Yeah Anna, I actually love road trips too, but only if I'm with adults, or myself, or friends. It gets old pretty fast with everybody there.

Not sure if we'll be there, kind of doubt it, but we might stop in, and our plan hasn't really solidified yet, so who knows.