Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Amish

I got my Macbook! And it's really sweet! It's so nice and sleek and has all the stuff that I used to have to plug into our computer built right into it, and it has lots of cool software on it. But the thing I am most thankful for is the fact that it works, without taking hours!

It will be nice having it (other than for the obvious reason that I'll be going to college in about four months) for business, because I'll be able to keep all my contacts and everything on it. Like this weekend this guy called and no one was at the office (obviously) so it rang through to our house and I took it. It was a guy who wanted to buy some insulation and couldn't seem to figure out why our "customer service department" wasn't picking up. So after I explained something to the effect of that they don't work on holidays or weekends, and this was both, I gave him some info about the product he wanted and he told me he wanted to place a big order, so I was really exited and didn't care that he had called in on Labor Day weekend. But unfortunetly, since everyone was off, I couldn't have them close the sale. So I had to just take his contact info and promise to call him back. Now, I went out and told my Dad, about it and he was happy and I was happy, and I didn't even think about the piece of paper with the contact info on it, which I carelessly left on the counter. Not only did I leave it but it was the only piece I could find, which happened to have some other stuff written on it that looked like trash, so when my Mom cleaned for company coming over (we had some Amish people staying at our house - long story) she through it away.

But yes, Amish people visited us over th weekend. Mr. Bontreger is a dealer for my Dad, and, through a series of events Dad invited him to come visit us with his whole family. Now, I must confess, I felt a little uneasy about the whole situation in the begining, but soon after they arrived I reallized that they were very nice, and just because they don't drive or watch TV didn't mean that they weren't fun people who we could get along with like just about anyone (and perhaps better than many) We had some other freinds over to meet them, and took them to the Grand Canyon (Pennsylvania version).

We got a sofa today, for our room that hasn't had any furniture in it for about six months (wich was annoying, because it was one of our main rooms) and since we were in the area (Selingsgrove) so we picked it up. Now, we had actually bought this a long time ago, but shipping is so expensive that we decided that we would have to pick it up ourselves. This seemed like a good idea, since we tended to be in our near Selingsgrove about twice a month. Unfortunetly, our buying the sofa directly preceeded a long period of our not being in Selingsgrove. So it's been sitting in a warehouse down there for a long time. But, we finally did it, and didn't have to have it shipped. So I guess it worked our well : )

We ate a BJ's BQ, which is a really fun place, and I ate a lot!

- andrew


overthinker said...
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overthinker said...

alright try # 2:

hi. i think you got to see my fam a few times over the past 41 days when they came to your church. or maybe not.

funny sofa story. your poor mum having to live without one all this time! i'm glad you finally got it.

soo...what is the grand canyon of PA??

Andrew said...

Yes, I did get to see your family, twice I think, was sorry that you couldn't be there, but I guess the Clash must have been really good from what I've heard.

Yeah, we have another sofa, fortunately, but it wasn't in that room, so people could sit in the other room, but this room was useless for a long time, and our house isn't that huge, so it's annoying when you can't use a room.

The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon is sort of like the real Grand Canyon, except its a lot smaller and is green (becuase its covered with trees).

mattea kiriel said...

Yes it is great to have that sofa now!

Andrew said...