Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mac Book

Wow, I haven't posted in a long time, though I guess not many people would notice if I stopped. But I like to, even if my only reason is reading them in the future myself. I've been really busy with work though. We did several trade shows that each took about a week. I've been working at the office almost everyday, and I've now been (this wasn't my idea) made the head of our MAXX - R insulation line, which nobody else has had enough time to work on.

Blogger lets you upload videos!!! WoooHooo! I'm phsyced about it! Will make things so much easier! And fun!

My Dad and I ordered Mac Books last night, and once I get it I'll probably blog more just because our computers at home are so sick that its frustrating to use them. I also ordered a piece of equipment that will let me make computer recordings of all my music, which will be awesome (I hope)

- andrew


Anonymous said...

I only had to see the title of your post to turn green. You should consider yourself an incredibly blessed 17-year-old to have your own MacBook. The computer I'm using right now makes a sound like an airplane when starting up, or when using certain programs. I feel sorry for it. :}

Did you get a white one or a black one? (Or am I confused?)

* Han *

Andrew said...

haha, yeah, we've had computers like that before... the Desk Top at our house is so slow and sick that in only works about 30% of the time it's booted up... I feel sorry for it too... so this will be a very pleasant change : )

A black one.

Anonymous said...

*turns so green she's almost black*

I hope the music program works well for you. Will you be using it for The Key of H's stuff?