Friday, August 10, 2007

Empire Farm Days

Sorry that I haven't updated in a while; I've been gone in NY. I was working with my Dad at Empire Farm Days, at least the second biggest show we do every year. And, my goodness, it was work!

My Dad woke me up early this Monday morning and told me to pack for a week because I was going with him. I hadn't known that was going, and certainaly didn't think I'd be staying, so I wasn't ready at all, but fortunetly I can usually get ready fast, so an hour later we were on the road.

We got there and met Mr. Polcinzski unloaded (I hate loading and unloading) and fineshed stting up the booth, which was pratty large. We then went to TGI Fridays to meet German Burtscher, one of the guys from Greenwood Technologies (the company that makes our Hydronic Furnaces that we sell) from Seatle. He's actaully from Austria, although he can speak English better than a lot of Americans I know, so he's very interesting to talk with. After TGI Fridays, we went to Starbucks so they could continue the meeting, and after they kicked us out of there to our hotel.

The next day the show opened. We were also doing training for our new dealers with German, so we had our tent all set up with chairs and an iMac that was supposed to link back to Seatle so that they could talk with Mike Curby, the main Greenwood engineer, if they had any technical questions. Unfortunetly German, who had never been in the area before, and couldn't stay with us because the hotel gave away his room, got lost on the way from his hotel (actually he drove in the wrong direction) so we got a late start, but training still went well. And we had so many people in our booth constantly, we must have talked to hundreds and got lots of good contacts. Our booth was probably one of the busiest in the show, and it's a big show!

The next day, was much the same, more training, unfrotunetly, this was the tech training day, on which it was imperative that they talk to Mike. But we lost our internet conection and were only able to interact with him for a few minutes. It was kind of sad because Mr. Polcinzki had spent the last week getting the Mac all set up with skype and all that so that we could have the conference, and then toted the whole system up to Empire, only the realize that he had forgoten the key board, which Mrs. Polcinzki and Ben had to bring. But none the less, it was still a useful session, and since we actually had a furnace running right there, German was able to explain mcuh of it.

It was really good to have the furnace there, as people usually won't believe you that they are completely smokeless unless they can see it running. But we almost didn't becuase, after days of engineering, by my Grandpa and our Contractors, and painstaking packing and shipping by my Dad and I, my Dad bumped one the heat lines, and caused it to explode, spilling out all of our hydronic fliud and pressure. Fortunetly, some associates of ours in another booth hapened to have a pump and water container, so they were able to get it running again.

That night, my Mom arived, and after dropping off the older children at the cottage the Slacks have been renting on Cayuga Lake, came to the show. We went out the P. F. Changs that evening, which is my favorite restorant in the whole world (at least that I have been to yet) and we got lucky, becuase they made to much food that night, and ended up giving us several extra dishes, which was awesome!

The next day was just selling, as all of the training was over and German had gone back to Seattle. But it was still busy. Mr. Stickler stopped by on his police rounds about four times a day, and often brought other troopers with him, which was cool. I wonder what people think though, when I'm just walking along, and these mean looking troopers ride past and suddenly one of them shouts out "Hi Drew!" = )

I've been reading the Prince of Darkness by Robert Novak (it's not what it sounds like, it's actually about politics and journalism) which has been interesting, if long, and rather dry (aside from funning descriptions of politicians that we all know really well, getting drunk and doing ridicules things that know one but Novak saw)

That evening we went to the Slacks lake house and we all went swimming. Then we went in the woods and found this huge mud hole and all got super dirty; Jordan and I painted eachother all over with it, and then went runnging out of the woods, past the startled parents across the pier, and back into the lake (ok, so it didn't happen quite that fast, but it was close). I stayed with them that night and went to work at the show with Mr. Slack that morning. On the way he showed me some of his favorite spots where he played when he was a kid and took me to his favorite Amish produce stand to buy cookies.

The next day was much the same as the rest, more people, more stoves and all that. Then we had to tear down and load up (I have loading!). Finally my Dad and I fineshed and we drove home. We ate supper at Applebee's in Painted post and got in around ten thirty.

This morning my Dad is back up at the show grounds to finish tearing down. I got up late, went for a run, and came here to the office in Mansfield where I am now.

So that was my week.

- Andrew


Anna.Victoria said...

OH YEAH!!! First comment!!! woot woot! hehehe. =D

Anonymous said...

ugh! i was going to be first ah well

Anonymous said...

2nd is still good, Jordan. :D

Wow, Drew. You're busy! I didn't know you ran. Where did you run?


Anonymous said...

Usually from my house to the route 549, there and back is about three miles, but I think that morning I might have gone in the other direction, which is only two.

Anonymous said...

That's great.