Saturday, July 07, 2007

West Virginia, H Concert, Transformers

It's been a rather busy time since my last post. My whole family traveled to West Virginia and back in two days. My Dad you see had a stove to deliver, and since it was my parents anniversary, he decided to bring us all. We saw a whole bunch of mountains, trees, and depressed mining towns and I bought a finger piano = ) And they have craziest winding roads on which when you take a turn, it feels like your going to fly off, and all these "switch backs" and my Dad and I were driving on these little roads with our big Excursion and trailer. It was fun.

The Key of H had a concert for Delian's Birthday and it was fun. Especially thanks to Mr. P and Jesse who got our sound system worked out.

The night after I got back from WV I went up to the Rawliegh's and went to see Transformers, which I would not particularly recommend.... But PJ and Alex and Mr. Rawliegh and Mr. St. Clair and one of his Friends were there, so it was fun.

This afternoon we went to my Gramma Nancy and Papa T's house in Troy for lunch and then watched a Parade for the troops in Iraq.

- andrew


Anonymous said...

I love the background of your title bar!!!!! ahh!!! Orange lily's!!! My favorite flower! They are sooo pretty!

Oh...first comment!

Watson said...

Transformers does sound pretty cheesy
it does

Andrew said...

Well, they are one of my favorite flowers actually, Tiger Lilies that is.

Watson said...

they are pretty pretty