Monday, July 16, 2007


We had a car wash for church this past Saturday and it went well, although it was different without the Cornfields or Efthimious. I saw the Woody's for the second time since they arrived here and we are having them over tomorrow.

In Church I had to play acoustic guitar at the last minute because Gen, our pianist was gone and there was know one to replace her and we needed something to fill in. It was interesting because that's not the instrument I'm used to playing, but it went alright and Mr. Slack did a good job leading. And I got some positive feed back afterwords, which is rare = ) And Pam Norris, a lady who goes to our church, saw a bird on the outside window near the doors and coaxed it on to her hand and held it for nearly ten minutes, which is something I've never seen someone do before in real life .

I got my scores back from my Advanced Placement World History Exam I took this Spring and I got a five (out of five), which was really great and I was very happy about since it's the highest ranking you can get.

I went berry picking this evening, but there weren't many. Seems to be too dry as many of the berries were small and shriveled, still, I get some good raspberries.

I guess that's about it, except that I saw the Petersons yesterday while they were at the Slacks. I talked to Josh about politics inside since he was working on a paper for college. Steven and Jordan went out hunting twice. Here is a photograph of them with all of the game they killed:

; )

- andrew

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