Sunday, July 01, 2007

PHAA Graduation


I graduated from PHAA yesterday in Harrisburg. It was a great ceremony and everything went really well, despite the fact that the only rehersal was five minutes of direction as to how we were supposed to do everything. It was a really big class (74 graduates) and all fo there friends and family were there. Fortunately the Forum is really big though. And out of 74 graduates, I was 74th, due to the fact that my last name is a W, which was kind of creepy, especialy when it came to the part where I came up on stage from one side and my parents were supposed to come up the other and give me my diploma. You see, my Mom had been out looking for Sanna, and my Dad has been looking for my Mom, so I finally got up to the steps of the stage, after 73 other graduates and my family wasn't anywhere to be seen, and I thought, "Oh great, I'm the last one and everyone is ready to be done and throw their hats and all that and I'm just going to end up standing there holding everything up." But fortunately, at the last minute my Mom and Dad came in and I came onto the stage from one side and my whole family came up from the other, and nobody was any wiser for it = )

And thank you to the Slacks for attending along with my Grandparents to support me!

Here are some photos from the day:

The guys from my area afterwords with our evaluator (see previous post) minus the one girl Sarah:


With Sarah:


With my evaluator, Dawn:


With Misha, whom everyone thought was really cute on stage (the whole auditorium went "awww" when she came over and hugged my leg ; )


A rather blurry picture of my class in the Forum


- Andrew


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Andrew! It's kinda scary to think I'll be done in 3 years. Oosh.

Good pics.

Watson said...

wait i thought i commented first
ah well
ya happy day
except i don't see you any more