Saturday, June 02, 2007

Na Photos

The Na sign.

Chilling out on the Ohio Rv.
A view from our room.
Jesse on the way down
Myself at a our groups pizza party... it has been said by more than one person that I look like a computer generated image in this one.

In the hallway. Our hotel was 18 stories tall and it was all open in the middle, so it was quite a drop over that railing that you see.

I have lots and lots more but I don't have time to upload them plus dozens of hillarious videos. Maybe they will end up in a production sometime... or you can come to my house and watch them : )

God bless!

- drew


Anonymous said...

whoa i didn't even know you were at NA! i saw your one buddy...jarred i think? but i didnt' say hi cause i didn't know him.

we stayed in the galt house. john p was amazing, eh?

Andrew said...

Ooh man! you were there? it's too bad we didn't know that : (. Oh well.... Yes, Piper was amazing! No, Jarred wasn't there, he's too young still, unless you mean jarred blake, but he is from another church and you've never seen me with him before, so I doubt you would associate him with me. The guys that came with me were: PJ Kemerer, Joshua Peterson, Jesse Aiduk and Alex Rawliegh.

Anonymous said...

oh i think i met alex. kinda reddish hair.

and the only reason i know he was from corning is because he was wearing a black shirt with the words CORNING on it.


ps. it's a very long drive from montverde to loiseville as well...