Friday, June 08, 2007

Marty and the Red Corvette

I went to work this morning with Dad and Mr. Slack and got there before anyone else. Soon Mr. Polczinski arrived and everyone but Marty, our accountant/jewelry master/ delivery man/ salesman had got there. Now I was standing out in the parking lot putting away the leaf blower that I had just been using and all of a sudden and red corvet pulls in and who was driving it? Marty. He told me he had to drop somebody off in Wellsboro so he would be a little late getting in for the morning... now, unless you were in my position it probably won't strike you as funny the way it did me, but Marty has been with us for oh... must be at least five years and I knew him at our old Church for maybe seven before that... so a long time, and I never would have pictured him driving a vet... but he was, and as it turns out, although he was borrowing this one, he is somewhat of a connoisseur. So I went in side and told the guys with as somber a face as I could muster that "Marty just drove by in a red Corvette and said he would be late for work this morning." So anyways, it seemed really funny to me at the time. And later on he took me for a ride in it, which was fun.

I spent most of my time either trying to get all of these leaves and bark off of the gravel parking lot, which was rather tedious and riping up the big landscaped area in front of the office that we are going to redo. Now, this area was made when we first got the building about twelve years ago and we have kept putting down landscaping cloth and covering it with bark mulch to try and keep weeds from growing (rather unsuccessfully) so now there is a good bit of this stuff built up under the ground and I have to tear it out... not easy... and to complicate matters there is a open sewer line under it, so it's nasty.

We didn't have any customers walk in today which was a bummer because I didn't get to talk to them, but the guy did quite well on the phones and actually sold several as they did yesterday also, which is phenomenal for this time of year, usually are off season. But as it is now, there doesn't seem to be an off season because ever since gas jumped this winter we have almost had a hard time keeping stoves and stock and now, when people would generally be thinking about air conditioners, they are buying Greenwoods... which is good for us... and them, and the environment... so every bodies happy right?

God Bless!

- drew

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