Friday, June 29, 2007


I officially graduate tomorrow! Since I've been enrolled in the PHAA diploma program for my entire time in high school, I get a Pennsylvania High school Diploma, which is stupendous, because in many states, home educators can't get actual diplomas, so I'm pretty exited about that. The ceremony is going to be held in Harrisburg at the forum behind the capital building (that's almost what I'm most exited about because Pennsylvania has the coolest capital building ever, although the contractors in 1905 charged the state about five times what it was worth, but that's a long story). Apparently it's going to be a fairly large group, and whats funny is this is my graduating class, but I only know two guys in it! I'll try to post about it and maybe do a few photos, but I may not have a chance until after this weekend, in which case there will be (at least I intend there to be) a double post on my graduation and my first real gig with The Key of H at Delian Cornfield's birthday party.

Have a Great Weekend!

God Bless!

- andrew wilber - day one since the second great schism of my lifetime.

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overthinker said...

ahh graduation.

and dell.

and no i have never argued with a liberal from arkansas.

but i have argued with a liberal from some other random place.