Monday, June 25, 2007

Graduation Party

Our Church had a graduation party this afternoon. I believe it started as Alex's party, and then they were going to invite a couple other people over, and then after it was realized how many people were actually graduating it turned into a church wide event with T-Shirts and posters and all that good stuff. So yeah, here are a couple of photos from it:

Alex and Myself:

The Graduates

And Derrik, whom I am unofficialy naming Hitman D, becuase he kept on shooting people with that little water pistol when they weren't expecting it.

Hitman Slim

- drew


Anonymous said...

1st to comment
good ultimate game yesterday
lots o' sunburn lol

Anna.Victoria said...

Fun times....congrats!

Anonymous said...

to me or drew?

Anonymous said...

umm, I think she meant me... but I don't know, being the first to comment on this blog is pretty impressive... ; )

nothingtoyou77 said...

ultimate rocks!!!