Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thunder Storm

A few weeks ago I went to my grandma and grandpa Prutsman's house and since I had just finished my senior paper on Zoroastrianism and Persia and all that good stuff (which it turned out was full of mistakes that my Papa T pointed out (but what can you expect, he was a Professor for like twenty years)) and my Dad started talking about how he had used the same thesis from a paper in higschool to do all his papers up through college and my Papa T told me this joke:

Once a guy was going through high school and the summer before his senior year, he stayed on his uncle's pig farm and learned that pigs have really small beady eyes. When he went back to high school that fall and had to write a paper, his topic was "How I went to my uncle's farm and learned that pigs have really small beady eyes"

After graduating, he decided to go to college. While working on his associats degree, he had to right a paper and the topic he chose was "Pigs and their small, beady eyes"

When going for his bachelor's degree, his topic was "Pigs and the extreme smallness and beedyness of their eyes"

For his Masters it was "Porkines and the exceeding smallness of their beady eyes"

He deiced to stay in school and go for his doctorate, and the title of his final paper was: "A discourse on Porkines with diminutive ocular organs and their effect upon civilization"

hahahaha, well, at least I thought it was funny, I don't know about you though.

My Mom and I went for a walk today and decide to go like six or seven miles all the way around these back roads and we had to go past all these ferocious dogs and stuff. And we were about half way into it (the farthest point we could have been from our home) and this big thunderstorm started and we were on top of a hill and we could see lightening all around. Fortunately a friend of ours; Mrs. Anthony saw us going past her house and came up with her van and asked if we would like a ride home. We accepted. And, if it weren't for that, we would still be out there right now, and it's really crazy, and the power just went out a second ago (forutunately I'm on a laptop) but I better post now before we lose the DSL.

Talk to you later!

- drew

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