Sunday, May 13, 2007

should girls wear quest stuff?

Ok, so this is a rather random post, but here it is: Don't you think that girls shouldn't be alowed to wear Quest stuff? I mean, come on, it was a guys conference! You see what I mean? It's cute, but it's just not right!
Girls shouldn't wear those hats.

; )

Here are Brook and Maryah looking very cute:
Best Freinds

Our bleeding hearts (one of my favorite flowers just bloomed:
Bleeding Hearts


Anna.Victoria said...

Hahahaha...incredibly random, but fun! I loooovvveeee that pic of the 2 girls! It's sooooo cute!!!!

Anna.Victoria said...

Oh...and that was first comment. ;-)

Anonymous said...

congradulations! you commented first on the blog that no one else comments on!

: )

Anna.Victoria said...

hahahaha! yeah...I'm sorry no one comments on here. What kind of friends are they? lol...jk

Watson said...

well excuse me
what about me
i comment alot when i am not at the e's having a quality time

thanks for the pics anna they were pretty cool

Anna.Victoria said...

Oh...sorry Jordan. You must have slipped my mind there. lol...jk.
And yes, we were all having a quality time here. Fun times!
Glad you like the pics!

Watson said...

it definetly was a quality time and fun times

and i am sure it slipped your mind it was prolly in a busy time