Sunday, May 06, 2007

Relient K Concert

Last Firday, Daniel's secret Birthday present was put into effect (after a long time of planning and secrecy) We and the Slacks came up and pretended we were stopping at the E's house on the way to the Cornfields. Then, the E's, pretended that they decided to come with us and bring Daniel (who new something was strange, but didn't know what it was) we got to the Cornfields (the P's just happened to be there too) and they got in with us (in the E's big van, and to which Jordan exclaimed: "Wow, this is like... a van.") When we finally told Daniel the big secret (that we were going to a Relient K concert), he didn't believe us, and it took much convicing. Here is a picture of he and Jordan about when he was told:

The concert was a bar, Night Club sort of place, and there was a really big line full of scary looking people stretching all the way around the block that we had to wait in. Then, these equally scary looking boucers came walking down the line and wrote big X's on the hands of everyone below 21 (since they served alcohol, the X meant we couldn't buy any) here is a picture right after that:
Here are the Dads, in front of the bar.

We had to wait through two warmup bands before we saw relient K, the first; Sherwood, wasn't that great, but they had a really fun stage presence (the synthacist and drummer were hillarious). The second one; Mae, wasn't good at all in my opinion, though Jordan sort of liked them (which generaly means that they are really hard and make mean faces he whole time) Finally we got to see Relient K, and they were great! They used all these different instruments some of which you probably had know idea existed (and in Jordan's opinion probably shouldn't exist) Here is Matt Theisson on the Piano, which he occasionally leanded over and played when he wasn't using his guitar. But it wasn't nearly as much fun upstairs, plus, we could hardly see (cept for Del, whom by some sort of magic that only she posseses ended up in a plushy concert seat right in the front row, every one else had to stand and crane their necks to see). So Ben and I went back down into the thick of it and were able to get into a pretty good spot right in front of this support collomn, so people couldn't push us from the back and we had something to lean on. I tride to go further up, but suddenly I had this feeling that I was going to faint, and realized why: we were in a fairly small space, and everybody was packed together so that you could harldy move you were so sqiushed, and I realized i was brathing as hard as I could and still felt wierd, and the air was stiffling, and all I could think of was that this would sure be a danged aweful place to pass out on thefloor, so I moved back to Ben (which was still pretty close to the stage fortunetly)

Here he s singing:
We started in on the floor and then the Dads decided we should go up in the balcony since there were no seats on the floor and there were all these crazy people drinking and making out and trying to start Mosh pits (fortunetly they unseccesful for the most part). And from there we watched, and sang, and jumped and all that good stuff.

On the way back Jordan Daniel and Ben and I sang. And what a time that was, you should have heard us! I bet we are the only group ever that can take mary had a little lamb and the song that never ends and turn them into four part harmony (at least three parts of which have never before been concieved of be modern man of angels) And it was about 1:30 when we go back to Gang Mills. Here is Del, who after telling us a rousing version of her most favorite story, did pass out.

After we did that we seperated at the E's house, we started to get really tired, and I had to listen to Jordan complain about how "horrible" the concert had been... so yeah, and I got back at 2:30 and took a shower and woke up at 9:30 rolled over and looked at the clock and realized that I was not going to go to the seconed AP review (which started at ten and was forty five minutes away) I went for a run as soon as I got up and worked around the house with my Dad for the rest of the day, and we built a little platform in this tree and the opening of our drive way, which is really cool, and I should post some photos soon, and burned lots of things.
This morning I played lead guitar for the first time ever at church, which was lots of fun (for the most part. So that was my weekend (so far). Congradulations if you made it this far in the post!
God Bless!
- drew


Anna.Victoria said...

Hahahaha...yeah, the concert was really interesting. But the balcony wasn't really that bad. The security people made the people in front of us sit down, so after that we had a great view. But it was REALLY hot up there. lol...and nobody up there was really crazy. So that was good.
The guitar sounded great this morning! Great job man! Oh, and this is first comment!!! Yeah for me.
Jordan, your reign of being the first to comment is over! Mwahahahahaha!!!! *evil grin*
See ya on wednesday Drew! And thursday...and saturday...and sunday. lol

Watson said...

ya you did do good on guitar

it was really really hot! *sweats just thinking about it* hahahahahahaha
Parting us such sweet sorrow(with the title of first to comment for like 6 posts

Watson said...

24 was nuts tonight
i was freakin out
only 2 left this season