Friday, May 25, 2007


Last night I went to mime and after learning that the Cornfields and E's were going to see Pirates of the Caribean At Worlds End, I asked if I could stay with them and go and it worked out. We went to see the 10:00 PM showing at Painted Post. It was really good, although complicated. I think a Psychologist might liken a typical Pirates mvoie to a trainwreck of motives, plots and emotions. So if Dead Man's Chest was a trainwreck, then At Worlds End was more like September 11th. But at any rate, it was pretty much shweet, if as crude, flamboyant and over done as expected.

I'm leaving for NA tomorrow. I hear that stands for New Attitude. I personally think it might be Sodium, or, my favoritist: Not Available. But at any rate, I'm leaving for gang mills tonight and then at like four in the morning or something like that, we are leaving.

I was torn on my decision to go, becuase the rest of my family is going on vacation to D.C. and, not only are they going to do all the stuff that I have always wanted to do like see the sites and things (I've been to Philly and DC more than about anyone else I know, but I've hardly done any of the normal touristy things most people do there) but my cousins from Florida are going to be there and I only see them about every two years. It's possible that if I can find somebody from DC at the conference (they say there are a lot) and convince them to let me go back with them I might be able to get in on the tale end of the trip though. But I hope NA is good all the same and not too Platonic (I'll probably feel convicted about useing that word to describe it and delete it later).

So, since I got my drivers license yesterday and went to a movie and all sorts of stuff that I normally would never do, my Mom remarked to me that I was now "just like a real boy" (think that little wooden puppet who's name I can't spell) which is cool, becuase I have wondered before ; )

And this is my 150th post on this blog!

God Bless!

- drew


Anonymous said...

I miss you Andrew!!

Have a grand time!!

oh and what does platoon...baton...whatever it is mean?

Watson said...

Ya a grand time
i read this on your xanga

Delian said...

I'm pretty sure I've left a comment on this here post... just wonder where...... hehehe