Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Got My Driver's License

I got my drivers license today : ). It was crazy, but I got it. We got there at 9:30 and signed in. Once I got my instructor, we went through all the usual stuff about knowing how to work the instruments and all. Then we pulled around to do parallel parking, and that was where the problem started. It wasn't that I couldn't parallel park, because I did. But Our car has parktronic, which is a little sensor that beeps if you get too close to something, and, come to find out, they don't allow you to use that(which I think is silly). So, I tried to turn it off, but, as I soon learned, you can't turn it off on the A6. End of story. Now, you usually hear stories, about how terrible the people at the test center are (or at least I have) but this guy was actually really cool, and he let me do the rest of the test while my Dad called our mechanic and found a way to disable the parktronic. So I drove through town and all that and then got back, and as it turned out, the best solution our mechanic and my Dad could come up with was duct tape. That's right, duct tape over the sensors. So, because of this set up, I had to hear the parktronic beeping loud the whole time I parked, and I got really nervous and almost messed up, but I made it with like two inches to spare ; ) so yeah... I have my license now.

- drew


Anonymous said...

OOOHHHH.....hahahahaha. Yeah...the sensors on the back of out car is a life saver. But I didn't know that you couldn't turn it off. hahahaha
Congrats on the license!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks : )

They are a life saver - when you can use them, lol!

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Anonymous said...

yeah for you. when i got my license, the instructor had such a thick spanish accent i could hardly understand her!!