Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Crash and Burn

some video I took this evening while trying to burn a plane and fly it at the same time....


Anna.Victoria said... it! And first comment!

Watson said...

great video

finally i am not the first to comment
that is encouraging i am not the only one who goes on here any more

you make great commidies

Anonymous said...

have I ever made anything but a commedie?

Watson said... but you make good ones
like pretending that i am calling squirrels when you are

Andrew said...

I won't admmit to anything ; )

Watson said...

right well i know what you were doing
because i was nest to u

Andrew said...

that must be pretty close....

Anna.Victoria said...

OH my goodness....I showed my family the videos on your xanga and everyone was dying of laughter. lol. Seriously, they were. My mom was ROLLING on the floor with laughter...I'm not joking. ;-)
Thanks for coming with us yesterday! Daniel loved it! Now I'm off to watch Night At The Museum.