Thursday, May 17, 2007

AP World History Exam

I had my AP World History test this morning at eight. I got there at around seven thirty and was one of the only people there, but in the next half hour a whole bunch came, so that when I took the test there must have been at least thirty taking it too. And that was just the East Kids, I never saw Beth unfortunetly, but I assume she was downstairs with the West Kids or something.

I felt quite good about the exam itself, the multiple choice Q's felt better than I expected and the essays went real well. I liked the subjects much better than when I took U.S. History last year. But, technically can't say what they were about for a couple of days, becuase it's against the law.... So yeah, went well. Thanks for the prayers : )

- drew

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Watson said...

1st t comment "woott!" lol
thats great that you felt good about it and i hope that you did good on it