Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I got back from Na and am staying at the Efthimue's house now. Na was amazing. So much truth and teaching and fellowship in such a short time. I can't even begin to describe it all, but safe to say it has changed my outlook on a lot of things. I wasn't to sure about going and actually sort of made up my mind not to be affected by it, but I was :), and I had a great time too!

My favorite speakers were (no surprise) C. J. Mahaney and John Piper. CJ did has famous message "The Idol Factory" and I must say, even though I had actually heard it before on CD, as I looked at my own responses to adversity and disappointment, I was probably more convicted by it than any other message I have heard. Johnny P was amazing to hear and preached on the Glory of God and how Gods demanding our worship is actually the best thing he could do for us. I would recommend that you listen to both of those messages, which is going to be pretty easy now as they are all being made available free at

I also had a great time growing in relationships my guy friends, Jesse, PJ, Alex and Josh, Josh in particular as I had never really talked with him much at all before, and we were traveling buddies for most of the trip, which leads to a funny story, because on the way back (it took us forever and we didn't get in until 5:00 AM, we had to get creative to keep each other awake(it's a long drive back from Louisville Kentucky). We talked and application, geography, college, our futures, listened to sermons, country music( Josh's idea completely), drank a double shot espresso, hit each other (hard!), sprayed Josh with car cleaner, and generally had a great time of fellowship.

I got loads of pictures and videos and I want to post them soon (some of them, I have about a gigabyte worth)

So it was really a great, refreshing experience.

God Bless!

- drew

Friday, May 25, 2007


Last night I went to mime and after learning that the Cornfields and E's were going to see Pirates of the Caribean At Worlds End, I asked if I could stay with them and go and it worked out. We went to see the 10:00 PM showing at Painted Post. It was really good, although complicated. I think a Psychologist might liken a typical Pirates mvoie to a trainwreck of motives, plots and emotions. So if Dead Man's Chest was a trainwreck, then At Worlds End was more like September 11th. But at any rate, it was pretty much shweet, if as crude, flamboyant and over done as expected.

I'm leaving for NA tomorrow. I hear that stands for New Attitude. I personally think it might be Sodium, or, my favoritist: Not Available. But at any rate, I'm leaving for gang mills tonight and then at like four in the morning or something like that, we are leaving.

I was torn on my decision to go, becuase the rest of my family is going on vacation to D.C. and, not only are they going to do all the stuff that I have always wanted to do like see the sites and things (I've been to Philly and DC more than about anyone else I know, but I've hardly done any of the normal touristy things most people do there) but my cousins from Florida are going to be there and I only see them about every two years. It's possible that if I can find somebody from DC at the conference (they say there are a lot) and convince them to let me go back with them I might be able to get in on the tale end of the trip though. But I hope NA is good all the same and not too Platonic (I'll probably feel convicted about useing that word to describe it and delete it later).

So, since I got my drivers license yesterday and went to a movie and all sorts of stuff that I normally would never do, my Mom remarked to me that I was now "just like a real boy" (think that little wooden puppet who's name I can't spell) which is cool, becuase I have wondered before ; )

And this is my 150th post on this blog!

God Bless!

- drew

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Got My Driver's License

I got my drivers license today : ). It was crazy, but I got it. We got there at 9:30 and signed in. Once I got my instructor, we went through all the usual stuff about knowing how to work the instruments and all. Then we pulled around to do parallel parking, and that was where the problem started. It wasn't that I couldn't parallel park, because I did. But Our car has parktronic, which is a little sensor that beeps if you get too close to something, and, come to find out, they don't allow you to use that(which I think is silly). So, I tried to turn it off, but, as I soon learned, you can't turn it off on the A6. End of story. Now, you usually hear stories, about how terrible the people at the test center are (or at least I have) but this guy was actually really cool, and he let me do the rest of the test while my Dad called our mechanic and found a way to disable the parktronic. So I drove through town and all that and then got back, and as it turned out, the best solution our mechanic and my Dad could come up with was duct tape. That's right, duct tape over the sensors. So, because of this set up, I had to hear the parktronic beeping loud the whole time I parked, and I got really nervous and almost messed up, but I made it with like two inches to spare ; ) so yeah... I have my license now.

- drew

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Song

Hey, here is my song that I wrote and recorded with the help my guitar teacher Mike Brown. It took a sad amount of time to complete, but, at long last, here is a mix:

I played the guitar and bass and funky effects stuff, Mike did the drums and percussion, and ofcourse acted as recording engineer.


- drew

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thursday, May 17, 2007

AP World History Exam

I had my AP World History test this morning at eight. I got there at around seven thirty and was one of the only people there, but in the next half hour a whole bunch came, so that when I took the test there must have been at least thirty taking it too. And that was just the East Kids, I never saw Beth unfortunetly, but I assume she was downstairs with the West Kids or something.

I felt quite good about the exam itself, the multiple choice Q's felt better than I expected and the essays went real well. I liked the subjects much better than when I took U.S. History last year. But, technically can't say what they were about for a couple of days, becuase it's against the law.... So yeah, went well. Thanks for the prayers : )

- drew

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stuff happening right now....

Today the Evaluator is hear again, only this time for my younger brother and sister (which is nice). I finished my recording yesterday that I have been working on with Mike Brown, my guitar teacher, since this winter, which is way cool.

I'm taking the advanced placement world history exam up in Corning tomorrow morning with Beth Rawliegh. I've been studing for it on and off since about Christmas so it will be good to get that over with. I'm not terribly horribly nervouse, as I have a bit of expirience (a bit) with this exam since I took the one on US history last year and qualified (if not by that much). Still, I'm just doing it self study this year (as opposed to taking an online course last year) so I really I'm not sure about how I'm going to do, so your prayers would be much apreciated : )

God Bless!

- drew

Sunday, May 13, 2007

should girls wear quest stuff?

Ok, so this is a rather random post, but here it is: Don't you think that girls shouldn't be alowed to wear Quest stuff? I mean, come on, it was a guys conference! You see what I mean? It's cute, but it's just not right!
Girls shouldn't wear those hats.

; )

Here are Brook and Maryah looking very cute:
Best Freinds

Our bleeding hearts (one of my favorite flowers just bloomed:
Bleeding Hearts

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Revenge of the Bolivian Dan-Delians

Some pics I got at YSOS last night after capture the flag:

Revenge of the Bolivian DAN-DELIANS





We played two rounds, the first of which our team won (when I got the flag: ) and the second the other team. Our team name was The Bolivian Dandelions (and don't make me even attempt to explain why)

Then I led worship for the first time ever, and did a perfectly terrible job. And we finished the book In Light of Eternity, which was really good, but we have been in for just about forever (although not eternity), and we are glad to be through it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thunder Storm

A few weeks ago I went to my grandma and grandpa Prutsman's house and since I had just finished my senior paper on Zoroastrianism and Persia and all that good stuff (which it turned out was full of mistakes that my Papa T pointed out (but what can you expect, he was a Professor for like twenty years)) and my Dad started talking about how he had used the same thesis from a paper in higschool to do all his papers up through college and my Papa T told me this joke:

Once a guy was going through high school and the summer before his senior year, he stayed on his uncle's pig farm and learned that pigs have really small beady eyes. When he went back to high school that fall and had to write a paper, his topic was "How I went to my uncle's farm and learned that pigs have really small beady eyes"

After graduating, he decided to go to college. While working on his associats degree, he had to right a paper and the topic he chose was "Pigs and their small, beady eyes"

When going for his bachelor's degree, his topic was "Pigs and the extreme smallness and beedyness of their eyes"

For his Masters it was "Porkines and the exceeding smallness of their beady eyes"

He deiced to stay in school and go for his doctorate, and the title of his final paper was: "A discourse on Porkines with diminutive ocular organs and their effect upon civilization"

hahahaha, well, at least I thought it was funny, I don't know about you though.

My Mom and I went for a walk today and decide to go like six or seven miles all the way around these back roads and we had to go past all these ferocious dogs and stuff. And we were about half way into it (the farthest point we could have been from our home) and this big thunderstorm started and we were on top of a hill and we could see lightening all around. Fortunately a friend of ours; Mrs. Anthony saw us going past her house and came up with her van and asked if we would like a ride home. We accepted. And, if it weren't for that, we would still be out there right now, and it's really crazy, and the power just went out a second ago (forutunately I'm on a laptop) but I better post now before we lose the DSL.

Talk to you later!

- drew

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I usually wouldn't do this but.... 24

So, I usually wouldn't do this. But seeing as its one of my last chances until next year (or perhaps ever if things keep going the way they are) I have decided to. I'm going to talk about 24.

It was absolutely crazy last night! Jack Bauer got arrested (OK, so that happens all the time) the Chinese took over CTU headquarters, which, if you watch the show you know is usually just a place where you see people talking on the phone and working at computers, and arguing of course.....

So this Chinese commando with all of these really buff looking and unusually tall Chinese people (as in they were about normal height) just walks right it (well, that's an over simplification, but for times sake I will use it) and starts killing people and makes everybody get down on the floor, and then asks who is the acting head of the department, and we all know is Natiah (any idea how her name is actually spelled?) but she doesn't get up, and there is this long silence and then, Milo, my favorite character since show one where he was just this guy who sat in front of a computer and ate pistachios (and is by the way the only character still alive from the first season, cept for Jack and Tom Lenox of course), gets up and lies that he is to save Natiah, so he walks over to the Chinese guy and the Chinese guy shoots him in the head. Just like that. Five years of history at an end. I'm sad. But, I'm glad they had him die as a hero... since he was my favorite character and all.

OK. So that was it. My 24 post.

- drew

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Relient K Concert

Last Firday, Daniel's secret Birthday present was put into effect (after a long time of planning and secrecy) We and the Slacks came up and pretended we were stopping at the E's house on the way to the Cornfields. Then, the E's, pretended that they decided to come with us and bring Daniel (who new something was strange, but didn't know what it was) we got to the Cornfields (the P's just happened to be there too) and they got in with us (in the E's big van, and to which Jordan exclaimed: "Wow, this is like... a van.") When we finally told Daniel the big secret (that we were going to a Relient K concert), he didn't believe us, and it took much convicing. Here is a picture of he and Jordan about when he was told:

The concert was a bar, Night Club sort of place, and there was a really big line full of scary looking people stretching all the way around the block that we had to wait in. Then, these equally scary looking boucers came walking down the line and wrote big X's on the hands of everyone below 21 (since they served alcohol, the X meant we couldn't buy any) here is a picture right after that:
Here are the Dads, in front of the bar.

We had to wait through two warmup bands before we saw relient K, the first; Sherwood, wasn't that great, but they had a really fun stage presence (the synthacist and drummer were hillarious). The second one; Mae, wasn't good at all in my opinion, though Jordan sort of liked them (which generaly means that they are really hard and make mean faces he whole time) Finally we got to see Relient K, and they were great! They used all these different instruments some of which you probably had know idea existed (and in Jordan's opinion probably shouldn't exist) Here is Matt Theisson on the Piano, which he occasionally leanded over and played when he wasn't using his guitar. But it wasn't nearly as much fun upstairs, plus, we could hardly see (cept for Del, whom by some sort of magic that only she posseses ended up in a plushy concert seat right in the front row, every one else had to stand and crane their necks to see). So Ben and I went back down into the thick of it and were able to get into a pretty good spot right in front of this support collomn, so people couldn't push us from the back and we had something to lean on. I tride to go further up, but suddenly I had this feeling that I was going to faint, and realized why: we were in a fairly small space, and everybody was packed together so that you could harldy move you were so sqiushed, and I realized i was brathing as hard as I could and still felt wierd, and the air was stiffling, and all I could think of was that this would sure be a danged aweful place to pass out on thefloor, so I moved back to Ben (which was still pretty close to the stage fortunetly)

Here he s singing:
We started in on the floor and then the Dads decided we should go up in the balcony since there were no seats on the floor and there were all these crazy people drinking and making out and trying to start Mosh pits (fortunetly they unseccesful for the most part). And from there we watched, and sang, and jumped and all that good stuff.

On the way back Jordan Daniel and Ben and I sang. And what a time that was, you should have heard us! I bet we are the only group ever that can take mary had a little lamb and the song that never ends and turn them into four part harmony (at least three parts of which have never before been concieved of be modern man of angels) And it was about 1:30 when we go back to Gang Mills. Here is Del, who after telling us a rousing version of her most favorite story, did pass out.

After we did that we seperated at the E's house, we started to get really tired, and I had to listen to Jordan complain about how "horrible" the concert had been... so yeah, and I got back at 2:30 and took a shower and woke up at 9:30 rolled over and looked at the clock and realized that I was not going to go to the seconed AP review (which started at ten and was forty five minutes away) I went for a run as soon as I got up and worked around the house with my Dad for the rest of the day, and we built a little platform in this tree and the opening of our drive way, which is really cool, and I should post some photos soon, and burned lots of things.
This morning I played lead guitar for the first time ever at church, which was lots of fun (for the most part. So that was my weekend (so far). Congradulations if you made it this far in the post!
God Bless!
- drew

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Crash and Burn

some video I took this evening while trying to burn a plane and fly it at the same time....