Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Jordan (watson) and I were having a discussion a while ago and wondered what the phrase "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" meant. Well,I was studying history today and I think I finally figured it out. Or at least figured out the most probable meaning....

all through the 1800's, the Russian people had suffered under the cruel and oppressive Romanov Dynasty. While the nations of Western Europe experienced the Enlightenment and Reformation and enacted social reforms and in general made life better for the working class, there had been no such movements in Russia. People worked either as serfs on farms pretty much slaves of the government, or as factory workers in the city who weren't much better off, living in squalid conditions. So on a Sunday in 1905, a group of moderates marched on the Czar Nicholas II in a peacful protest calling for reforms. They weren't being at all agressive, but Nicholes felt threatened, and ordered his troops to kill them. This day came to be known as Bloody Sunday.

- drew


Watson said...

coool although you just told me lol

I still will always like the bloody cahunas better but it is good to know what it possibly means

Anonymous said...

aha! i thought your blog had died. you just moved it...

anyway i haven't read the post because i don't have time. but hi. and your profile pic is sweet.

Watson said...

josiah he is missed and
when are you guys coming up

Anonymous said...

josiah is in VA right now and I'm home without a family. but i'll tell him when i fly up tomorrow.

new york is coming.
later this year.
think later summer.
july is out b/c of wales (big cheesy smile that dams gets on her face every time she even thinks about it)

Watson said...

what are you doin in va