Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The last few days....

Sunday: I went to Church early with the Slacks (Mrs. Slack came in later with my Parents) and I was an usher and we had communion and the other usher was late and I had never set that up before so that was a bit of an adventure. The band rocked out this week, kin my opinion. And Mr. Osborn preached. After church we started practicing for our easter choir and I was one of four men in the group, and I was the only one of them under 40... which was strange, because the girls (there were about twenty girls in the group) were mostly teenagers. I'm a tenor (or at least thats what they tell me) and that usually means hitting notes that I didn't know I was capable of But this time, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could do it (my voice must have finally stopped changing) Later on we went to the Slacks and I suggested that we make an April fools joke by posting something really bazzer on the key of h blog. Jordan then had the BRILIANT idea of actually recording an april fools song, which we did, and you can hear it (if you dare) on the key of h blog, or, in my audio hear on xanga. So, now that I had finished off what was left of my voice, I went home.

Monday: I woke up without my voice and for the rest of the day it broke whenever I said anything and it sounded like my voice was changing again, except my voice never did break when it changed so it didn't. That afternoon we went to Gang Mills for the girls to have lessons, and because of a misunderstanding, ended up being there for the rest of the day. I got my hair cut, so its much shorter now. We stopped by the Cornfields for five or ten minutes and I went in to get an address from Mrs. Cornfield, but I didn't see you Del, because they told me, you were down stairs and you missed my voice completely breaking most profusely a number of times After that we went out for pizza and we went to Picinic Pizza, were I haven't eaten in years, but I now decided is my favorite pizza.

Today: We went to the Library this morning at the University to take some books back, and get some new for Mattea's and my papers. This time we took the whole family... and it wasn't fun. I look like a college student, and everyone assumes I am, and I would go completely unnoticed (or at least not noticed in a bad sense) but then like five little kids run up behind me and start talking to me like I'm their big brother or something (which, ahem, I am) and everybody, who did a second before think I was a College student stares at me like "what planet are you from" and its very imbaressing. It was a beautiful day and I did as much of my school work out in the sun as was possible (for some reason it just doesn't work with the computer) We went on a walk with the Slacks... and ate supper, and thats about it, oh yeah, I got my camera back and it really is fixed (it had a spot) this time HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!! so I shoudl be able to post pictures again very soon.

- drew


Watson said...

whats hoooray mean lol

you now this guy called and i told him he had the wrong no. and so he said
well i must do
he really said that lol

Watson said...

congrats on the camera now we can take dum pics of each other again lol

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.