Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Drunk Driving Class is Much Bigger than the AP History Class (my adventure at West)

Today I went up to West High to go to an AP World History review class. Beth had invited me to go, but then it turned out she had a lacrosse game this morning and wasn't able to attend, so I was sorta just this homeschooler from PA who came and crashed their public school in NY (not exactly my favorite thing to do) fortunately, Beth had told her teacher about the possibility of my presence, and even had Alex come show me to the correct room. Unfortunately, Alex's car clock was set back an hour, so when he got out of Jelly Beans this morning he thought that he had a whole hour before I came and went over to the heavenly cup with Brad. So After waiting in the parking lot for about twenty minutes mom let me get out to go in a wait since it was time for the class to began. I went in and after waiting for about fifteen more minutes decide that since the class had started I had better go find it myself. Unfortunately West High is a relatively big place. I asked a lady who worked there if she new where it was. She said that there was a class down the hall to the right that I should check on, so I did, but it was full of about fifteen or twenty rather bedraggled looking old people and a couple teens, so, assuming this was not it I went back. I met the lady again who told me that I had better actually ask them if it was the class, so I went back, and after standing in the doorway for a moment leaned in and asked the closest guy if this was advanced placement world history. He looked rather amused explained to me "nope, this is drunk driving buddy."

I went back to the lobby.

Fortunately, Alex saved the day (or my day at least) when while sitting at the heavenly cup looked at his cell phone and realized that he actually hadn't had an hour to kill, so he and Brad (or at least I think it was Brad, never actually saw him) rushed over to West and found me and showed me to the room, only fifteen minutes late, where I was able to sit in on the class.

As it turned out, the DUI class seems to be much bigger that the AP World History Class class, because when I walked in with Alex, there were only two girls sitting there and one of them had to leave half way through. The teacher (can't remeber her name) was nice and didn't treat me like some sort of adit free booter when she found out I was homeschooled (people do sometimes). So it was just me and this girl, who's name I can't remember either, but who likes horses, taking the review. But it went well and I learned some stuff and I'm glad that I went, because since I'm not taking a course this year any practice is welcome.

So that was my adventure at Corning West.

And today when I got back I had one of those epiphany moments where you just realize how out of it you are, because I have been missing my electric tuner for about a month and haven't been able to tune my instruments, so they all sound rather atrocious. But today I was using my zoom 505ii effects box and experimenting to see if it could be used with my base, and I realized: THERE IS A TUNER BUILT INTO IT which I could have been using all this time... so yeah.

God Bless!

- drew

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Alright....I'm commenting as you asked. Wow...sounds like fun! lol