Monday, April 30, 2007

Daniel's Birthday Part

So Daniel had a his 15th Birthday Party this Sunday, and we had a blast playing football and ultimate, and I actually caught the football, which pretty much made my day. So here, at popular demand (i.e. Delian) are some pictures of the event.

Steven doing a Charlie Brown.

Daniel with his Birthday Hat

Tai putting the finishing touches on Daniel's Birthday shirt.

Emma and I talking while everyone else played football (again)

Just about everyone.

PS. We took a lot of pictures of The Key of H band and to see those go to:

By the way, this is my 137th post on this blog and I think that's pretty darn cool : )

God Bless!

- drew


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I have the first comment....but come on you guys! Its pretty lame when his sister has to leave the 1st one....

"True friends comment everyday"
--Chinese proverb by Mattea

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

then it looks like my true freinds are on xanga...

Watson said...

not me i comment almost every day if not more it is just that no one else goes on here that much so i don thave much to say or it would all be me

Watson said...

what is a birthday part?

Tai Sophia said...

Nice picture at the top - I like it alot!
You forgot to mention that, in the photo of Daniel, he is wearing his birthday hat AND birthday shirt - just thought I'd let you know!
I'm in a picture - woohoo!

~Lady Tai

Anna.Victoria said...

Great post. Although I read it on your xanga...;-) lol
I loooove that picture of you and Emma, but I like any picture that has Emma in