Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Warm Weather

There hasn't been a whole lot going on the last couple of days, except that they have been deliciously warm and sunny (well, at least yesterday was). I've been working on the usual school and all that comes with it. And yesterday we were all working out side and my Dad set the garden on fire (we do it every year, its not at all unusual) and then had me start removing this plastic twine and grass that had coiled around the rotatiller. That was much harder than it sounds and took like half an hour and was really rusty and dirty so if I die of tetness or something you'll know why....

I haven't seen the coyotes again, although I have been looking. If I do, I want to shoot them. The little girls aren't even allowed to go far fromt he house any more because of them.

All for now.

God bless

- drew

1 comment:

Tai Sophia said...

Sad. (About the wolves.)
Happy! (Spring is here and you guys are all still alive - DISPITE the wolves.)


~Lady Tai