Friday, March 30, 2007

Today, I finally did something that I have wanted to for about four years. I bought a paintball gun. A Triumph eXT by tippmann with a four settings: semi-auto, burst and two full automatic settings and a mask, or 'goggle' as they call it on the box and a CO2 tank and all that stuff that is completely annoying yet completely neccisary (if you don't want to die, that is). I finally did it because I'm going to Sherrman's party tomorrow and it looks like for the first time their won't be enough there for me to borrow one. So I picked this one up at good old Walmarts, as they call it around here and took it home and took it apart and then put it back together. I can't shoot it yet because I don't have any CO2, so technically I don't know how it works... but it looks awfully nice though

So I'm really rather exited about it now. When I bought it all I could think about was how much money I was spending, but I have become steadily happier about it since then. I have a paintball gun!!! WOOT (as someone who reads this page would say)

- drew

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Tai Sophia said...

Sweet dude!
"Jolly good!"

~Lady Tai

P.S. Have FUN!!!